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  1. Class - Leveling Guides?
  2. Guide Suggestion: Different Colored Quest Chains
  3. combine area quests
  4. guide how-to video tutorial for new members
  5. Auto Accept/Turn In
  6. Stormwind JC
  7. Installer
  8. Loot sound
  9. profession guide?
  10. Sharing quests in groups
  11. Thorium Brotherhood
  12. Vashj'ir - Set heartstone suggestion
  13. Trade Goods Collection guide
  14. Vanity pet and Mount guide
  15. A more inviting guide-window
  16. updater suggestion
  17. Linux Version of Update Software
  18. Interface and design.
  19. No more TomTom.
  20. update video
  21. Minimap Icon
  22. Site needs upgrade...
  23. More descriptions and more detail
  24. Customizeable daily list.
  25. Bug Report Generator
  26. Missing 1-60 Kalimdor
  27. A forum button on the blog pages
  28. Things that I think about using UWG when wowing.
  29. Law of Diminishing Returns
  30. Addition for professions
  31. Auto accept quest from givers
  32. Hide option
  33. Item buton
  34. Give us back the PvP Forum please
  35. Pet (Companion)/Mount guide
  36. Title Achievements Guide
  37. Option to Auto-Hide when in Instances or Raids
  38. Exp Tracker
  39. Fishing achievement guide?
  40. Chain Quest acknowledgement
  41. Dual Guides
  42. Deepholm idea.
  43. leveling easyer
  44. Time to Destination with Dugi Arrow
  45. Did not know where to put this but can you answer this?
  46. Instance Guides
  47. Home Factions Reputation
  48. A guide to Flight Paths
  49. Massive gold Blueprint
  50. PvP
  51. Raids talent
  52. Boss Fights
  53. "One Day Sale" - 50% Off
  54. Site Videos
  55. best gear plugin
  56. Add ur own Coordinates so that u can make a path just like the mining lvling guide
  57. Couple of Viewer suggestions
  58. Mini Map Icon ,LDB or Titan Support
  59. Profiles
  60. Enable the underline quest text
  61. help pay for new feature to come out ASAP
  62. Different Versions of Auto-Quest
  63. Vermillian Redout area
  64. Sort Options on the professions guides
  65. Grouping Feature for Dugi Guide Users.
  66. Leveling: Re-activate/Search completed quests
  67. Thinking of doing a SWTOR Guide Dugi?
  68. Suggestion
  69. Hide waypoint arrow
  70. All Outland dallies
  71. Is there going to be a way?
  72. Abondon Quests when switching guides
  73. Tooltip for current step stay open?
  74. Feature of Auto Quest Accept
  75. NPC target suggestion
  76. Turn off Minimap button
  77. Center Guide
  78. Search for Quest by name
  79. Quest Completion Reporting
  80. flight path guide.
  81. My suggestions. Dugi v5
  82. Minimap Button Change
  83. path for all the herbs and mines
  84. profession guide detection
  85. Quest listing of the quests that require you to go back to!
  86. a Farming Helper my profeston is herbs
  87. When will you update what I payed for?
  88. Less Memory Usage
  89. Running while leveling!
  90. Guide Steps
  91. Nearest class trainer button
  92. Dugi Guide [german language] action button translation Quest-lineup
  93. Molten Front - Dailies v. Prerequisites
  94. How about a 'lock frame' setting for the target button?
  95. previous/next arrows for waypoints
  96. Suggestion for the Downloader
  97. Farming Path Submission
  98. Ok Here we go
  99. Metric Please???
  100. "As You Go" steps and Enchanting Guide Update
  101. Multiple quest tracking
  102. Quest "insane in the membrane"
  103. Desk Top Icon
  104. Horde guide overhaul...
  105. Map Preview Location
  106. Quest Watch
  107. Outland dallies all of them?
  108. Turning OFF the preview map?
  109. Downloader Model Databace Options
  110. Frame alignment
  111. Looting for Quest startng Items
  112. Have Guide Remember State Between Logins
  113. Stop overwriting talented and macrobank with every update
  114. Forums for gearing up toons! :)
  115. Sugestion for Profession Guides
  116. Gearing up level 85's
  117. suggestion for leveling guide
  118. New feature 5.3 Pathnodes, Addition suggestion.
  119. add profiles to guide
  120. Netherwing Egg Farming Route?
  121. Disable \ Enable
  122. Spell Learning
  123. New dungeon maps 4.3
  124. A Northrend Vendor Run?
  125. Quest Tracker
  126. Name of Quest Giver and Ending Wrong.
  127. Quest completion
  128. Suggestion for Dugi Guide Small Frame and Quest Tracker (Watch Frame)
  129. Recipe/Farming Locations
  130. The day Zygor Left
  131. Talent for glyphs
  132. Love is in the Air Daily Guide re-order
  133. Annoucements updates?
  134. Faction Rep guide
  135. With the new gold guide
  136. Gold Guide add on
  137. Voice over for gold guides?
  138. Auto Repair?
  139. Gear guide for dungeons
  140. Dugi Guides and Sexymap
  141. Mentioned this nearly 6 months ago but we need detection of known flightpaths
  142. Darkmoon Faire and achievement quests
  143. Everquest guide
  144. Beta Addon
  145. Auto select reward.
  146. Create a toggle for collection quests
  147. Leveling UI
  148. Location finder
  149. custom lists
  150. Finding the download link on the website
  151. Help in completing achievements
  152. bug reports ingame
  153. possible third option on leveling out of a zone
  154. Carbonite Replacement
  155. Guide Suggestion: Reputation
  156. Need a google map included.
  157. Questing from a class point of veiw
  158. Allegiance to Scryer/Aldor
  159. New Scarlet Dungeons
  160. Monk leveling
  161. Auto Accept Quest with low level quests.
  162. Saving custom locations and waypoint routes.
  163. Reputation Guide - Shattered Sun Offensive
  164. Suggestion for App
  165. Mini map enhancement
  166. Auto QuestReward picking and AutoEquip BiS on inventory/bank.
  167. Scallable Buttons
  168. AddOn Memory Usage and FPS [Severe Gameplay Hinderance]
  169. New ElvUI Border
  170. Mning Leveling. Longer routes
  171. Gear Finder
  172. Achievment guide suggestion
  173. UI Add Ons By Class?
  174. Ability to turn off the new smart travel feature.
  175. How about a downloads link with Home, Forum What's New?, Support and My Account?
  176. Corpse.
  177. Disable Using Flight Masters in Taxi System
  178. Map Preview
  179. A Question
  180. Flight Masters?
  181. xp items
  182. Profile and Basic Info
  183. class videos
  184. Vendor run
  185. Settings - install to multiple directories
  186. profession guide update
  187. To add World bosses
  188. purchase guides missing from account
  189. Option to customise quest complete announcement
  190. Better upgrades
  191. Ways to Improve the Guides
  192. Daily Quest Guide
  193. Automatic quest reward equip
  194. Dugi Raid & PvP Guide !
  195. Quest item button for Professions
  196. More specific location hints for quest mobs/locations
  197. Turning off Map opening when step completed
  198. Prophet Khar'zul Quest
  199. Trove of the Thunder King
  200. minor taxi system issues noted
  201. Corpse arrow after logging out
  202. all-in-one pet battle guide
  203. Gold Guide Tips
  204. 5.2 Blacksmithing
  205. Key binding
  206. Some suggestions for the Dugi addon
  207. suggestion for archaeology to be in the profession guide
  208. Travel system improvments?
  209. Different Fonts
  210. Auto-accept only quest included in the guide
  211. Choice of Target Marker Icon, or Not at All
  212. Automatic Guide Turn off in Raids and Battlegrounds
  213. No Archeology In Profession/Trade Guide?
  214. Suggestion for all hunter pets guide
  215. dugi Scenarios guide suggestion
  216. The new beta gear guide
  217. I got to use the Gear Guide last night!
  218. Gear Guide for pvp and pve
  219. Swapping Gear with WoW Equipment Manager - Fishing or Cooking Gear
  220. Dugi Guides Staff Please Read Regarding Gold Guide
  221. Brawlers Guild Guides
  222. Multiple Reputations Dailies Guide
  223. Reputation Guides for ALL Factions
  224. Mining nodes on the main map..
  225. untrack all quests
  226. Automatic Quest Tracking confusion
  227. Quest navigation
  228. Accept (only) all guide quests automatically
  229. Hide arrow when in combat
  230. Target Button for Rares
  231. Order of the Cloud Serpent Daily
  232. New idea for dugi guides
  233. Map position icon
  234. Remember gear sets feature
  235. Fishing and Gear Advisor
  236. More options on where to quest
  237. Remove "always on top" popup when starting Installer
  238. Total travel time for DG arrow
  239. Farming for Profession
  240. Auto Update optional
  241. world boss tracking & throve of the thunder king
  242. Add the Quest: Cluck from Westfall
  243. orc starting zone is slow
  244. Waypoint Arrow Options
  245. Enchanting w/ farming
  246. Smelting
  247. Manual waypoint through chat box
  248. Arrow to marked targets.
  249. New guide window need a close button
  250. New Guide