Patch 7.3 Update

Argus Continent Zone

Hi, everybody! Patch 7.3 is about to be released on August 29th  and this will add the new Argus zone where you can get new set of rewards and world quests that you can unlock.

Note: For the first couple of days of Patch 7.3 please make sure you tick “Load out of date addOns” to allow Dugi addon to work. We will need to wait until the EU servers are updated before changing the version number.

This patch provides new content and changes and one of the big updates we provide is the new questing guide for Argus which is available in the Dailies > Legion section

Daily Guides 
  • New Argus quest guides to unlock World Quests in Argus

Extra Tracking
  • New Rare and Achievement tracking for Rare Elites in Argus
NPC Journal 
  • New mount guides for patch 7.3
  • New pet guides for patch 7.3

And we also made many improvements to the addon, you read the full Dugi addon changes in the announcement forum.

More updates are still coming such as strategy guides for Dungeons and Raid bosses.

Enjoy Patch 7.3!


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  1. Roxanne  5 months ago

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  2. David O  1 year ago

    Are the Tracking and Journal Modules being updated to Legion as well?


    Dugi Reply:

    yes they have been updated


  3. Charles Laine  1 year ago

    I just ran the latest install, and I’m not seeing any Legion stuff. Not sure what to do. Retrying again…


  4. Araendel  1 year ago

    A couple of issues for me.
    I cant get the revel kost quest to work, the guide is continually sending me in a loop between dal and karazhan, I cant get whatever is needed to let me get in the underbelly or whatever to do the quest that is in there. I believe this is part of the warlock series of questing.

    Also I haven’t seen the broken shore or argus guides since the 7.3 came out. I do hasve a karazhan attunement that recently showed up.

    Sorry, one more thing, not a guide problem, but if I am a casual player how do I advance if I don’t have time to wait for entry into dungeons or raids. I am around less than 850 and the game just seems to be geared for those who are running dungeons and raids only. When I say casual it means I no longer can be on for more than 2 hours at a time.

    Love the guides but need to know if I am in need of purchasing a guide or some such thing.

    Many thanks for your help



  5. Derek Thomas  1 year ago

    Ive updated the guide today unibstalled it and re installed it, it is now 8.407

    But it still not showing legion area in the dialies section.
    it shows legion in dailies, legion in dungeons,
    there is nothing anywhere for the new 7.3 Argus area

    I am paying a yearly subscription for as I understant it the full giude including updates.

    Please help,


    Derek Thomas Reply:

    “it shows legion in dailies, legion in dungeons,”

    i should have said
    It shows legion in leveling, and in dugeons

    but not dialies, in fact myu daylies only show up to Outland for some reason and argent tourniment


    Dugi Reply:

    Hi Derek, looks like your annual purchase have expired. You will need to renew and reinstall


    Derek Thomas Reply:

    opse kk my bad


  6. Dugi  1 year ago

    Try updating to the latest version 8.407


  7. MissAlixette  1 year ago


    Sorry for my English, but i’m from Belgium/France … My guide have a problem … i try all issus but nothing …. i dont understand , it’s me ? and why ? (i have reinstall and “nothing” 🙁 ). please, help me. thank you <3



  8. Bentecuf  1 year ago

    bonjour, le guide dugi ne marche plus depuis aujourd’hui, c’est marqué loading dugi guide 0% et ça reste bloqué à 0%


  9. Catoul François  1 year ago

    Bonjour le guide dugi ne fonctionne plus je l’ai désinstaller puis réinstaller rien n’y fait pouvez vous m’aider.


    Atra Reply:

    Pareil pour moi


  10. Dugi  1 year ago

    Hi, I checked and if you’re missing guides it is likely because your subscription expired and the guides are not updated.

    please checked that you have an active purchase and reinstall the guides should be there.


  11. Wanda Boyd  1 year ago

    I cannot access legion or argus dailies can you help please . tried reload uninstalling with not work version show correctly but no dailies Thanks Wanda


  12. misael  1 year ago

    the Extra Tracking Feature are not showing ?


  13. vern nickle  1 year ago

    can’t see argus under dailies


  14. Miranda  1 year ago

    My dugi guide is missing daenor and legion guides now.


  15. chaosgremlin  1 year ago

    This addon has made life so much easier for me . I only need a couple addons instead of 21 which i used to have which makes my game run a lot smoother .Thank you Dugi


  16. Doghunter  1 year ago

    Hi i love dugi guides in fact it is the best most accurate addon for warcraft that is available,i have the legion guides everything works perfect apart from the argus guide,it just doesnt seem to have the questing guide for the argus zone. e.g. argus questing guide.Hopefully this can be fixed,i do understand this is a completely new zone,but the guide would definitely be of a great benefit.


  17. Truia  1 year ago

    hi..Icon isnt there anymore.. got the anttrail but startframe..stays ..I cannot close it.. hope you can fix it 🙂 love this addon.greetings


  18. Magnus de Pourbaix  1 year ago

    Same issue for me basically. All Legion content missing and thus no Argus.


  19. Bentecuf  1 year ago

    when loaded, the addon make my wow crash after a random period of time, leveling guide work but my wow.exe crash


    Bentecuf Reply:

    sorry my bad, it was not this addon, it was weak aura


  20. bogyvaly  1 year ago

    I started the game today with only Dugi as addon with 8.400 and I got NOTHING. No leveling guide for Argus. In fact the only guides available are Starting zones, Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor(for Kalimdor, only 2 zones)
    So, I don’t know what are you talking about above but for me nothing works.


    Robert Reply:

    I am getting the samething why