Dugi’s Guide v4.1 & ‘Guess The New Guide’ Competition

Hi, everyone we have been quiet the last couple of weeks but that’s because we are very hard at work with putting finishing touches on the major update with Dugi’s Guide Viewer v4.1

As you may have noticed Dugi’s Guide  just gets better and better with every new update and we’re moving at the speed of light!… well not quite, but we are fast 🙂

Check out the screen shot below and you will notice a couple of major features that we have been working on for a while.

The 2 new major features are

  • Display of quest level with color coding.
  • And the ! ? will now change color to grey  if you’re not at a high enough level to accept the quest so that you will know before reaching the quest giver.

Combine these 2 features with our ‘Chain Quest Linking’ feature and you are now in complete control on how fast and how slow you want to progress. You can now gain experience points with other methods such as dungeons or PVP and you don’t have to worry about being out of sync with the guide.

If you’re using Heirloom items or playing with Recruit-A-Friend you can now also easily skip the green – grey quests that won’t give you much experience and with our ‘Chain Quest Linking’ feature you will never be out of sync with the guide.

We have been testing this feature extensively and we’re confident that these features are better than any other features that other competitor guides have to offer as you will have complete control.

From the screenshot above you may notice  2 new *censored* tabs ,  both these tabs are reserved for our brand new guide that is going to be released on May 19th.

All you have to do is leave a comment in this post  and also ‘Guess’  the correct guide that we’re going to release

I will give you a hint…  it is an In-Game guide! 🙂 …

sorry I’ll do better than that, here it is.

How To Enter

Choose one of these four possible answers

  1. In-Game Profession Guide
  2. In-Game Dungeon Guide
  3. In-Game Achievement Guide
  4. In-Game Gold Guide


  • To win you have to pick the correct answer and also tell us why you chose the answer.
  • To qualify your email must be a part of our ‘Newsletter’ list, you can subscribe here if you haven’t opt-in yet.
  • One guess per entry.
  • One entry per email address.
  • Winners will be notified with the email that they subscribed on the list (make sure it matches the one you leave on the comment below) make sure its correct or else you won’t be able to claim your prize.
  • Entries will close when the winners chosen by a draw and are announced on May 13th 2010

Invite your Friends

Encourage your friends to enter because they might be able to win it for you! use the ‘Share / Save facebook, twitter’ link below.

They must be in our ‘subscribers’ list as well to receive the prize, they can unsubscribe once the winners are announced on May 13th 2010.

The Prize

10 Guaranteed Winners will win an early copy of our Brand New Guide

It doesn’t get any easier than this to enter a contest,

Have fun and good luck everyone :-)

I’m sorry I can’t give out anymore hints!

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  1. John  8 years ago

    I choose Dungeon guide based on your newsletter…… and a dungeon guide would be a welcome addition to the in-game guide.
    However I really think the idea of an Achievement guide has more profit potential for you. And all of you that are asking for or thinking it’s a gold guide that’s in-game — how might that work? Dugi already has a gold guide on the website and an in-game guide would probably not add much to that. The only thing I can think of it adding is farming routes, and that’s already done by Cartographer and Carbonite to a degree. So if I had to choose only one of those mentioned, I would go for the achievement guide. But I think, for reasons already mentioned, that it will be an in-game dungeon guide.


  2. DugisGuide  8 years ago

    thank you for all your entries, this competition is now closed from now. The winners will be announce before our new guide is released on May 25th


  3. Aprilstar  8 years ago

    Never mind the “In Game Gold Guides”, or “In Game Profession Guides” but Dugi my friend, an [In-Game Achievement Guide], In my opinion would be Absolutely Delicious for all of us DUGI~Wowsers out there. 
    Thank you kindly,


  4. ernesto  8 years ago

    I think that this new in-game guide will be an achievements guide because there are many many achievements in the game and this kind of guide is extremely uncommon. You being very creative with your guides would be capable of creating an extremely useful guide like this. Achievements guide.


  5. Delia Makar  8 years ago

    I believe it’s going to be the In-Game Dungeon Guide.

    The availability of groups for dungeons is much better now in the game. A really good Dungeon Guide would be awesome and I think Dugi would be just the one to produce that.


  6. Jasper Hunt  8 years ago

    Answer: In-Game Dungeon Guide

    Reason: There are quite a few reasons why i believe that Dugi’s new guide will be a In-Game Dungeon Guide. The first reason is that since the release of the Dungeon Finder there have been a lot more players performing dungeons. Dungeons are available to almost all players in the game (Levels 15-80) and so this guide would reach out to an exceedingly high percentage of players. Because of this new Dungeon Finder there will be more new players doing instances early game with not that much gaming experience, this guide would help them through this tough and early part of the game helping them to complete even the most confusion dungeons with ease. Secondly at level 80 you can now get pre-raid gear from Emblems which are collected from completing dungeons. To maximize the amount of emblems that a player can collect usually players will choose the random dungeon feature which can lead them into unknown instances, this is where your guide would come in very handy. With its simple and easy to use interface which comes with all of Dugi’s products this guide would transform the way that groups complete instances making it a must have for every gamer across all rangers of ability!

    Hoping that you choose my answer!!!

    Jasper Hunt


  7. Pugyman  8 years ago

    Answer: In-Game Achievement Guide

    Reason: There are so many achievements out there that people need help to complete. There is no current guide out there that can help these players to complete these achievements and so it would make perfect sense for one to be created that is easy to use and that gets the job done, like all guides created by you this achievements guide would be just that, easy to use and it would get the job done. Secondly there is so much potential in an achievements guide as when players hit the level cap they usually after some time get bored/tied of raiding or PVPing and so they move onto trying to complete achievements. Thirdly there are current achievements guides on the web and I am sure are very detailed and helpful however there are no in game achievements guides out there and so this guide would attract a lot of achievement hungry players. Finally as the achievements system in World of Warcraft develops further more people will take the easier root out and choose the easy way out and turn to a brilliant guide like your that will help them to easily and effectively get the job done.
    Thank you for reading my comment and i really hope that I have chosen the right guide 🙂


    Jasper Hunt Reply:

    Bigger than your lol 🙂 I hope I chose the right one!!!


    Jasper Hunt Reply:

    and yes i did steal the layout 🙂


  8. Maverick  8 years ago

    My guess is an Achievement Guide and Gold Guide, why? Because it hasn’t been done and is simply brilliant.


  9. bs831  8 years ago

    oky 4. In-Game Gold Guide

    as to why. well playing yor gud will compleet to get to 80 but once your ther you are in trubal if you dont have gold to buy gear and repaier. so gold gud will make your cliantes much happear since thay will know what to do after its 80.

    can you add a rep guide too wouldnt that be icing on the cake :). like allways sorry for my bad spellings to all 🙂

    but i want all the other ones too.
    1. In-Game Profession Guide
    2. In-Game Dungeon Guide
    3. In-Game Achievement Guide
    4. In-Game Gold Guide ( arnt i greedy but all good idia)


  10. Andrew Childs  8 years ago

    In-Game Gold Guide
    Because a curtain other Guide site (I wont mention them :p) have a gold guild coming out soon too, maybe I’m wrong, but maybe not :p


  11. Boston celts  8 years ago

    Hi Dugi, I have been using your guides for a while and I think you should put in both Proffesion and gold guides because this would help new players to make money easier and to level up thier proffesions faster. I think this would make your guide PERFECT. Good luck 8)


  12. Apollis  8 years ago

    I sure hope it’s the achievement guide.
    No one else have a guide like that and alot of people really have no clue to do some of the achievements. Even that I only need to do all the pvp/arena and dungeon/rep from tbc (and ofc lich king), then this would be the best thing ever on the internet.

    Looking forward to buy the new guides to support you Dugi.


  13. Mark Kociscin  8 years ago

    My Vote is for Professions and Achievements guide(s) [one for each tab].

    Professions – what do you need to craft each item? what if they need lower level items that need to be combined into higher level ones? Your guide would/should cover that.

    Achievements -what has your character done already, what is in progress, and what are the next steps to do. That, certainly, would be a great guide!!!

    Thanks! Mark