Dugi Installer Update For PC

Hi everyone, we made some improvements with the PC installer to include new features to make it easier for you to stay up to date.

The installer should update itself to 1.2.9 automatically the next time you load it and in the settings menu you should now see 3 new options at the bottom of the settings menu of the installer.

Click here to download the Dugi Installer

1. Start installer when Windows starts – This option will add Dugi installer as one of your startup programs and it will load silently in the background.

2. Automatically install guide updates – The installer will periodically check for updates then download nad install automatically.

3. Minimize installer to tray on close – Dugi installer can now be minimized into the tray apps to hide. While minimized, you can close the installer completly by right clicking on the icon and select ‘exit’ .

If you don’t like any of these new features you should be able to disable all of them by simply unticking the options, if you have any questions don’t hesitiate to ask in the comment section below

Enjoy the guides!

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  1. tedh  2 years ago

    I have tried to update and load. WOW says out of date.please help


    Dugi Reply:

    Tick load out of date addons for now and it should work.


  2. fr0z3night  2 years ago

    Wish the installer was more like zygors, or at least didn’t have the version number on it, as EVERYTIME it updates (1.3.2, 1.3.3) i need to change the taskbar link i have to it and its annoying! just leave it at DugiInstaller or something, without the version?


  3. William  2 years ago

    All I am getting is download failed. Current guide : none.


  4. Rywhandar  2 years ago

    Great work, finely after so many years of manual install g the update. We get it . 😊 good work, keep up the work with the guides as long as you manage it


  5. Mike Blanchett  2 years ago

    Yes Great Job Guys Thank You much!! Good Day to You.


  6. Dugi  2 years ago

    Restart the installer and it should update to 1.3.1 now to fix the latest issue.


  7. CJ  2 years ago

    Hm…I’m on a Mac. I think I’ll wait for the PC issues to die down before I try my update. Yikes. I love my Dugi Guides. Can’t imagine operating without them.


  8. Arya  2 years ago

    Hi Dugi and staff ! You guys are amazing 😍
    Thanks ❤️


  9. Dugi  2 years ago

    There’s still an issue with the installer, we’re still working on it


  10. Dugi  2 years ago

    Restart the installer and it should update to 1.3.0 now to fix the issue.


  11. portosland  2 years ago

    Hello guys,

    One workaround for the people like me who do not whant to wait 🙂

    go to C:\Users\Public\Pictures\DugiInstaller
    unzip the update.zip
    copy the DugisGuideViewerZ folder into the AddOns folder of wow

    ps: for the dev team, the problem is your installer is trying to create the DugisGuideViewerZ folder as a file and not a folder.


  12. Mike Blanchett  2 years ago

    Thanks Guys at Dugi, pretty apparent how important Your guide is to the users of it, I pity the people who don’t even know about it! Good luck and God Speed on getting Us back in the game :). I seem to have a separate issue also, Not griping but every time You update the installer it wipes Me out and You have to do something extra to My account, I know it is a lot to ask, especially in this time of strife, I’m just trying to not have to wait longer than I have to….Patience is the key, so thank You Guys!


  13. dimona  2 years ago

    Installer automatically downgrade to 1.2.8 . Installer shows current version as none in 1.2.8 too


  14. Dugi  2 years ago

    Hi we’re working on this issue


  15. Martin  2 years ago

    Got the same problem, where the installer shows current version as none


  16. hulspuppie  2 years ago

    When I clicked update, it seems to have uninstalled my Dugi. Tried even to install by hand, but doesn’t work


  17. William  2 years ago

    When I clicked update, it seems to have uninstalled my Dugi. Tried to reinstall and nothing happens.


  18. cuwe  2 years ago

    I have the same issues as David Bourke. Does not show on the inside of WOW in the addons section. Only thing I have in my interface folder in the name of Dugie is the workshop and that is all. my installer shows Current none Newest 8.211 I do not auto launch wow so it is unchecked. paths are all correct with out any typo’s. the bottom three check boxe’s you mentioned are unchecked as I do not like to do things auto sorry for the repeat on the overview. hope something in there will help.


  19. conal9  2 years ago

    I am having the same issues as everyone else with the new installer. Anyone have a solution??


  20. wywy  2 years ago

    Installer still not fixed. I just keeps offering update even after update apparently loaded. Its still bugged


  21. zion6  2 years ago

    New update constant loop with no files anymore. It is showing “current” ans NONE. Every time I click “update” or “reinstall” nothing happens. Occurred after I went in to “settings” and unclicked “Start when windows starts” and “minimize to tray”.
    Went in game and no Dugi guide is available as an add on anymore.


  22. frayman  2 years ago

    Awesome Dugi


  23. Michael  2 years ago

    Hey there.

    Interesting updates to the installer, though I don’t think I’ll be using them. I don’t like programs that autoload on startup. I’d far rather you spent your time fixing the many problems with the Legion version of the guide. Many times locations for npcs or quests are inaccurate, sometimes by hundreds of yards. The directions to get from one place to another often have you almost running in circles or going far out of your way to get to a location that turns out to be relatively close to your starting point. I understand that the guide was probably built from the PTR version of the game and that Blizzard has changed some of the locations, but those can now be updated, no? I can provide specific examples but to be honest, they happen so often that all you’d have to do is run some world quests to see what I’m talking about.

    Thanks for listening!



    Dugi Reply:

    We have people working on different projects so someone that is working on the installer is not responsible for the guides etc. Guides were originally built during Beta/PTR but we already checked them with live WoW. Specific examples are more helpful than a blanket complain that it’s everywhere.

    We don’t provide proper guides for world quests yet the waypoints used are the ones provided by Blizzard.


  24. Dugi  2 years ago

    the issue should be fixed now


  25. TOD HERMAN  2 years ago

    auto updated to 1.2.9, started it, auto ran update to 8.210, but as the other have said, button still shows update, not play and version shows 8.209 with newest still showing 8.210. Guessing a toc file not updated.


  26. David  2 years ago

    Same. Mine will not update either


    mikeart Reply:

    Same problem guide will not update option to click to play not working, removing Dugi guide from addons and reinstalling has no effect, just a constant loop of updating to reinstalling to no avail.


  27. Michael Read  2 years ago

    Mine will not update to 8.210. Launch button will not change to PLAY just stay on UPDATE


  28. Zokathra  2 years ago

    New update shows 8.210 but load update, says done updating but stays at 8.209.


    wywy Reply:

    Installer bugged


    david bourke Reply:

    my guide has gone from my game.cant install update.installer keeps saying none and the latest up date.can i go back to an older installer.cant play without dugi


    tmattau Reply:

    Broken 🙁