Patch 6.2.2 Draenor Pathfinder Guide (Flying in Draenor)

Patch 6.2.2 is now available which will unlock the flying ability for Draenor if you have completed the new Draenor Pathfinder achievement.

This achievement will require you to complete a series of 5 other achievements and you can begin completing these achievements right now with Dugi Guides.

Here are the list of achievements that you will need to complete to be able to fly in Draenor.

1. Explore Draenor

You can complete this by using the Exploration Draenor guide found in the Achievement sections


or by using the Achievement icons with the Extra Tracking module.

2. Loremaster of Draenor

You can complete this by using the 90 -100 leveling guides and complete 100% of each zones.


3. Master Treasure Hunter

This achievement requires you to collect at least 100 treasures in Draenor.  The Treasure guides for each zone are available in Achievement guides section.


or you can also use the achievement tracking available with the Extra Tracking Module which will display all available treasures.


4. Securing Draenor

You can complete this by using the Securing Draenor guide in the achievement section. This one can take weeks to complete as you can only complete mission per day. Get started now!

Also note that you can purchase Scouting Missive from your garrison vendor eg: Scouting Missive: Magnarok to complete quests that you don’t have to speed things up.


5. Tanaan Diplomat

The final achievement is requries you to raise your reputations to Revered for the 3 new factions in the new Tanaan Jungle Zone in Patch 6.2.


These guides and updates all available with your subscription of Dugi Guides.

Yours Truly
– Dugi


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  1. DAVID SMITH  3 years ago

    Interesting, I have been a customer for many years now and for the life of me I don’t see and ‘Draenor’ reputation in my guides. Am I missing something that I should have or do I need to buy another addon that will show me ? Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

    FYI, the achievements that are missing from the screenshots above are the following: Draenor reputation, garrison achievements, treasures of draenor, and lastly draenor exploration.


    David Smith


    Dugi Reply:

    You need the WoD Achievement / Profession Update , I checked your account and looks like you have it now.


  2. DvanDamme  3 years ago

    Dugi cant find the guide but i buyed ur guidepack so wheres the Problem plz help


    Dugi Reply:

    make sure you enter your username and password with the Dugi installer and reinstall.


  3. squishme  3 years ago

    fir master treasure hunter, I don’t see the treasures of draenor part of your guide as pictured above.


  4. Michelle Carpenter  3 years ago

    It’s kinda funny. The Explore Draenor achievement guide ‘assumes you are level 100 and have flying’. Well sure.. except that I’m doing the achievement to GET flying lol.


  5. Eric  3 years ago

    Great guide, make leveling easy, one suguestion, replot the treasure hunter guide, the current guide has you flying from one side of the map to the other. This could be better mapped so that the route follows a loop thru the map. But overall, great product.


  6. Madeline Erickson  3 years ago

    Thanks so much for your excellent guides!


  7. cadulu  3 years ago

    Hi Dugi,
    I’m so sorry, but US$15 is to much expensive to a update. I’m a loyalty program member and I’m disappointed with this new cost. I will not buy this guide. If has something to make better about this offer, I will think about acquire it.

    My best regards.

    Eduardo Luciano


  8. Alisdair Gribben  3 years ago

    Hi there

    I don’t have the Draenor Reutations, Garrison Achiements and Treasure Guides as shown in your screenshots above. I’ve reinstalled a couple of times which doesn’t help. Could you please help, Cheers


  9. Bill Harris  4 years ago

    Since I have maxed my DK at lvl 100, I am unable to use Dugi Guides. It’s icon shows on my minimap, but when I click it, it will only give me the “setup” or options page. It is useless in game. What is wrong? This has been going on for months and no matter what I try, it won’t do anything different. On my lower level alts, it kinda works.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.



    Dugi Reply:

    Hi make sure the DG icon is gold in color, left click on it until it turns gold.

    if that doesn’t work try reinstalling.

    Do you use the installer? if you do set “Dugi Questing Essential” on ignore.


  10. Jim Wilkey  4 years ago

    We are Loyalty Program Members. Is the Flying in Draenor covered by the Loyalty Program? Doing what you suggested to Gary Canary did not make Flying in Draenor appear in our guide. Thanks.


    Dugi Reply:

    Hi,some loyalty members need to purchase the WoD Achievement & Profession Update, this is not included as part of the loyalty program.


  11. Gary Canary  4 years ago

    I have paid for the in-game guide and want to start working on “flying in Draenor” but when I open my guide in the game and go to achievements there is no list for Draenor and when I go into leveling there is nothing listed except starting zones, eastern kingdoms and kalimdor. Why doesn’t it show the content I need? Thanks


    Dugi Reply:

    hi, make sure you install your paid guides

    make sure to enter your username and password with the installer and reinstall.


  12. Madeline  4 years ago

    I have no garrison achievement guides or treasure or exploration for draenor. I reinstalled your guides but they don’t show up. I can’t wait to use your new guides. Thanks so much!


  13. don kirkendorfer  4 years ago

    Flying looks awesome,BUT im not going to pay 6.99 per month… even with a 60 day money back. Not knowing how to stop payment if i decide to quit wow…i dont want to keep paying Dugi if i drop out


  14. Ian Southon  4 years ago

    I have Downloaded The latest Dugi Guide but the new achievements are not there


    Dugi Reply:

    Hi make sure you have WoD Achievement & Profession Update


  15. Kobsterking  4 years ago

    Hi Dugi
    Not sure why but Treasure Hunter and Explorer Guild not showing up in my 7.244 updates
    I did reinstall off all addon’s just confirm they are not in game. Any suggestion on this?


    Neal Reply:

    You need to wait until the updates after the 6.2 patch on June 23, like it says above.


  16. wywy  4 years ago

    Great Guide and instructions and very timely…………..thank you Dugi…………wywy


  17. Happy 002  4 years ago

    Will there be a update that you can buy and not subscribe ? I have always bought the updates.


    Dugi Reply:

    it’s included as part of WoD Achievement & Profession updates.


    happy002 Reply:

    I have both of the WOD ,but the new content is not on there.


    Dugi Reply:

    I checked your account you should have it.

    make sure you enter your username and password with the installer and reinstall.

    Happy 002 Reply:

    That fixed it i now have the update , Thanks

  18. aingolmo  4 years ago

    Helpful guide as always. I did notice one thing that doesn’t match up with what I see in game. Assuming they aren’t changing the achievement requirements, Master Treasure Hunter is earned at 50 treasures. The next level is 200 treasures for Grand Treasure Hunter.


  19. Wyvern60  4 years ago

    I actually just wrote to Blizzard, telling them that I have just about given up the game because we couldn’t fly in Draenor. Hours of futile searching for a way from point a to point b really ruined the game for me, especially since I had purchased several mounts.
    So, naturally, Dugi is ahead of the game ,and your very hard work will help all of us in so many ways.
    Thanks, Dugi. You and your team are the very best.


  20. echoblue  4 years ago

    THANK YOU – I appreciate your work on this. It gives me hope I can somehow accomplish this.


  21. Galspar  4 years ago

    So when will the patch to the Dugi guides be made available so I can start? I don’t see any of the new Exploration, Treasure Hunter, or other things in my Dugi Guide TOC. I also reintalled the Guides to make sure I wasn’t missing something.


  22. demirel  4 years ago

    will this be an account wide requirement? or do you need to get the achievement on all your characters to get them flying?


    football Reply:

    All players who have earned Draenor Pathfinder on at least one character will unlock the ability to fly in Draenor on all their level 90+ characters.

    You can track the achievement progress for your character here:


    Blue Sherrill Reply:

    You only need to complete the achievements on one character to qualify you entire account


  23. Anne Pruett  4 years ago

    Concerning the Securing Draenor achievement, you say: “This one can take weeks to complete as you can only complete mission per day.”

    This is not true. All but one of these quests can be done by purchasing the corresponding Scouting Missives for 200 Garrison Resources from the Garrison Quartermaster (for Alliance, this is Sergeant Crowler who stands next to the Garrison Cache). You can do as many of these per day as you want to, so theoretically most of the achievement could be completed in one day.

    The one exception is Assault on the Pit, which you can only get when it’s available from the War Planning Map table. A group is recommended for it, but it can be soloed–I did it a few days ago on my Hunter just so I could complete the achievement!


  24. Donna Anthony  4 years ago

    Yay! Thanks 🙂


  25. jeielrapha  4 years ago

    The 5th one ?


  26. Mal  4 years ago

    As I’m sure many people must have pointed out by now you’ve missed the “Securing Draenor” acheivement


    Dugi Reply:

    should be there now 🙂