1-40 Dugi Guides V3 is Now Available

I’m very sorry for the delay but without further a do
here it is below.

=> https://www.ultimatewowguide.com/demo/

Please make sure you follow the installation instruction
provided, and view the example screenshots.

If you’re upgrading from v2 make sure you first delete
all traces of the old guide.

So delete the folders
– DugisGuide_Viewer
– DugisGuide_Alliance_En
– DugisGuide_Horde_En
– TomTom

Allright I’ll leave you to it, if you have any problem
with installing try to visit the forum first for
faster support.

Or leave a message on this blog if you need to ask
specific questions as a guest.

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  1. Demensia  9 years ago

    When is the complete 1-80 guide coming out for paid members? I deleted my old items, because I installed this one, but now I don’t have any info for my lvl 70?


    Dugi Reply:

    check the members area.


  2. fred  9 years ago

    WEEY, FINALLY ITS HERE ! : 😛 .. its really great . thx alot dugi ! ;D ..