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Love the guide

I have been playing Warcraft for about 4 years, and I have to say the game is WAY more fun with the Dugi guide. I had used other Quest add on's but they just took you to the closest next quest without the intelligence of the Dugi guide. I started a new toon earlier this month and am already level 54 - I know some people can do that in just a few days, but I have limited time to play so I really appreciate not wasting my time when I am in the game and the Dugi Guide keeps me on task!

If anyone is checking out these postings to see if the guide is really worth it - I think it is worth every penny. I havent needed any help in installing or updating the guide, but from what I have seen the Dugi staff are great at helping their customers with their issues and they keep the guides current with frequent updates.

Thanks Dugi!

rganderson59, joined Nov 2010