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Horde: Level 30-40 Leveling Guide

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Level 30-31 Hillsbrad Foothills & Alterac Mountains Questing Order

1. Go to Tarren Mill (A) and get Flight Point

2. Complete [Time To Strike] (A)
                    [Helcular's Revenge] (B)
                    [Helcular's Revenge pt2] (C)

3. Go north to Alterac Mountains

4. Complete [Elixir of Pain] (F)
                    [Helcular's Revenge pt2] (E)

5. Go south to Hillbrad Foothills

6. Complete [Helcular's Revenge pt2] (C)

7. Level 31, go east to Arathi Highlands (G)

NPCs and Quest
Hints and Comments
33 Helcular's Revenge - Novice Thaivand 63,19 B
Kill Yetis by the cave 46,33 until they drop Hercular Rod's and bring it back to Novice Thaivand 63,19 in Tarren Mill.
33 Helcular's Revenge pt2 - Novice Thaivand 63,19 B, E, C

Charge the Rod of Helcular on the
Flame of Azel: 44, 28 on the top floor of the Yeti cave on the opposite side of the entrance
Flame of Veraz: 44, 27 bottom floor of the Yeti Cave opposite side of the entrance
Flame of Uzel: 38, 66 in the Growless cave in Alterac Mountains
Then use it on Helcular's Grave 53,53 in Southshore

20 Time To Strike - Deathstalker Lesh 20,47 A
Travel to Tarren Mill to deliver Deathstalker Lesh's message to High Executor Darthalia 62,20.
24 Elixir of Pain - Apothecary Lydon 61,19 F
Kill Mountain Lions 46,76 and collect 10 vials of Mountain Lion Blood

Level 31 Arathi Highlands Questing Order

1. Complete [The Hammer May Fall] (D)

2. Go to Hammerfall (A) get flight path

3. Complete [Hammerfall] (A)
                    [Raising Spirits] (C)
                    [Call to Arms] (F)
                    [Raising Spirits pt2] (A)
                    [Raising Spirits pt3] (A)

3. Skip [Guile of the Raptor]

4. Hearth to Orgimmar train new spell and skill

5. Fly to Crossroads then turn in [Regthar Deathgate] (just west of Crossroads)

6. Complete [The Swarm Grows] (Belgrom Rockmaul 75,34 in the Valley of Honor)

7. Fly to Freewind Outpost

NPCs and Quest
Hints and Comments
34 Hammerfall - Gor'mul 72,34 A
Speak with Tor'gan 74,36 in Hammerfall.
32 Call to Arms - Drum Fel 74,33 F
Kill 10 Witherbark Axe Throwers, 10 Headhunters and 8 Witch Doctors at Witherbark Village is South from Hammerfall 66,64 and return to Drum Fel in the Hammerfall outpost.
34 Raising Spirits - Tor'gan 74,36 C
Collect 10 Highland Raptor Eyes from Highland Striders and Highland Thrashers just out side of Hammerfall 68,40
34 Raising Spirits pt2 - Tor'gan 74,36 A
Give the Raptor Talon Amulet to Gor'mul 72,34.
34 Raising Spirits pt3 - Gor'mul 72,34 A
Speak with Tor'gan 74,36 in Hammerfall
32 The Hammer May Fall - Tallow 61,19 D
Kill 8 Boulderfist Ogres and 10 Boulderfist Enforcers, found 33,44 enforcers are mostly inside the cave
33 The Swarm Grows - Korran 51,29 -
Deliver Korran's Sealed Note to Belgrom Rockmaul 75,34 in Orgrimmar.

Level 31-33 Thousand Questing Order

1. Complete [The Swarm Grows pt2] (T)
                    [A Bump in the Road] (O,R)
                    [Hardened Shells] (P)
                    [Load Lightening] (Q)
                    [Rocket Car Parts] (red line)
                    [Salt Flat Venom] (R)

2. Turn in quest, Skip [Encrusted Tail Fins]

3. Level 32, go south to Tanaris (U) and get flight point at Gadgetzan

4. Hearth or Fly to Orgrimmar and pick up [Alliance Relations] from Craven Drok at the Cleft of Shadow in Orgrimmar then talk to Keldran 22,53 by the west entrance of Orgimmar

5. Take the Zeppelin outside of Orgrimmar to Grom'Gol

NPCs and Quest
Hints and Comments
33 A Bump in the Road - Trackmaster Zherin 81,77 O, R
Kill 10 Saltstone Basilisks found North Eastern side of Shimmering flats 75,60
10 Saltstone Crystalhides found around the middle of Shimmering flats 78,70
6 Saltstone Gazers found South Western side of Shimmering flats 80,88
30 Hardened Shells - Wizzle Brassbolts 78,77 P
Collect 9 Hardened Tortoise Shells dropped by any Sparkleshell turtle in shimmering flats, also keep killing you collect 10 turtle meat which is requierd for a quest later in Hillsbrad
31 Hemet Nesingwary Jr. - Kravel Koalbeard 77,77 -
Take Kravel's Crate to Hemet Nesingwary Jr. 35,10 in Stranglethorn.
30 Load Lightening - Pozzik 80,75 Q
Get 10 Hollow Vulture Bones dropped by Salt Flats Scavengers 87,66
31 Rocket Car Parts - Kravel Koalbeard 77,77 red line
Collect 30 Rocket Car Parts found around the race track on the ground
30 Salt Flat Venom - Fizzle Brassbolts 78,77 R
Collect 6 Salty Scorpid Venoms dropped by Scorpids around 72,73
30 Alliance Relations - Craven Drok 49,48 -
Speak to Keldran 22,52 in Orgrimmar.

Level 32-33 Stranglethorn Vale Questing Order

1. Get the Flight Point at Grom'Gol

2. Go to Nesingwary's Expedition (B)

3. Complete [Welcome to the Jungle] (B)
                    [Tiger Mastery] (E)
                    [Panther Mastery] (E)
                    [Tiger Mastery pt2] (C)
                    [Panther Mastery pt2] (C)

4. Complete [Raptor Mastery] (C)

5. Level 33, Hearth to Orgimmar then fly to Sunrock Retreat

6. Run South to Desolace

NPCs and Quest
Hints and Comments
31 Panther Mastery - Sir S. J. Erlgadin 35,10 E
Kill 10 Young Panthers around 41,9
33 Panther Mastery pt2 - Sir S. J. Erlgadin 35,10 C
Kill 10 Panthers found East and South of the ruins of Zul'Kunda around 28,10
34 Raptor Mastery - Hemet Nesingwary Jr. 35,10 C
Kill 10 Stranglethorn Raptors found East and South of the ruins of Zul'Kunda around 28,10
33 Tiger Mastery pt2 - Ajeck Rouack 35,10 D
Kill 10 Stranglethorn Tigers around 48,14
31 Tiger Mastery pt1 - Ajeck Rouack 35,10 E
Kill 10 Young Stranglethorn Tigers around 40,10
30 Welcome to the Jungle - Barnil Stonepot 35,10 B
Speak with Hemet Nesingwary Jr. 35,10

Level 33-35 Desolace Questing Order

1. Kill the Burning Blade Orcs (56,28) to find Flayed Demon Skin to[The Corrupter] (E)

2. Go to Ghost Walker Post (55,56) pick up new quests

3. Complete [Alliance Relations pt2] (A)
                    [Kodo Roundup] (K)
                    [The Kolkar of Desolace] (A)
                    [Alliance Relations] (A)
                    [Befouled by Satyr] (G)
                    [The Corrupter pt2] (G)
                    [Khan Dez'hepah] (C)
                    [Gelkis Alliance] (B)

4. Go to Shadowprey Village (25,68) and make it your home
     Pick up new Flight Point and new quests.

5. Complete [Clam Bait] (D)
                    [The Burning of Spirits] (E)
                    [Sceptre of Light] (E)
                    [Hand of Iruxos] (E)

6. Complete [Other Fish to Fry] (F)
                    [Book of the Ancients] (H)
                    [The Corrupter pt3] (H)
                    [Claim Rackmore's Treasure!] (J)

7. Go to Ghost Walker Post (A)

8. Complete [Bone Collector] (I)
                    [Centaur Bounty] (B, C)
                    [Stealing Supplies] (L)

9. Hearth to Shadowprey Village, buy 3x Soothing spices from Lah'Mawhani 23,72 for a later quest in     Dustwallow Marsh

10. Level 35, fly to Camp Turajo then run east to Dustwallow Marsh

NPCs and Quest
Hints and Comments
30 Alliance Relations - Takata Steelblade 52,54 A
Speak to Keldran 52,53 in Orgrimmar
33 Alliance Relations pt2 - Keldran 22,52 A
Speak to Takata Steelblade 52,54 in Desolace.
33 Befouled by Satyr - Takata Steelblade 52,54 G
Slay 7 Hatefury Rogues, 7 Hatefury Felsworn, 7 Hatefury Betrayers, and 7 Hatefury Hellcallers, all found at a camp 75, 21
39 Bone Collector - Bibbly F'utzbuckle 62,38 I
Collect 10 Kodo Bones from the Kodo Graveyard 50,58 on the ground
38 Book of the Ancients - Azore Aldamort 38,27 H
Use the gem on the Serpent Statue's hand 28,6 on Ranazjar Isle to summon Lord Kragaru then kill him to get the Book of the Ancients
31 Centaur Bounty - Felgur Twocuts 56,59 B, C
Collect 15 Centaur Ears dropped by any centaurs in Desolace 68,67 or 71,50
36 Claim Rackmore's Treasure! - Rackmore's Log 36,30 J
Collect Rackmore's Silver Key dropped by
Drysnaps found along the western coast of Desolace 25,45 and Golden Key dropped by Slitherblades found at Ethel Rethor 37,21, then open Rackmore's Chest 30,8.
35 Clam Bait - Mai'Lahii 22,72 D
Collect 10 pieces of Soft-shelled Clam Meat from Giant Soft Shelled clam underwater in 33,33
33 Gelkis Alliance - Gurda Wildmane 56,59 B
Gain a Friendly reputation with the Gelkis, by killing Magram clan 68,67 then speak with Uthek the Wise 36,79
37 Goblin Sponsorship - Pozzik 80,75 -
Speak to Gazlowe 62,36 in Ratchet.
38 Hand of Iruxos - Taiga Wisemane 25,68 E
Go into Thunder Axe Fortress 55,26 and in the middle of the first big building, you will find a large red crystal. Clear all the enemies in the room then use the crystal. A level 37 demon will appear. Defeat this demon to get the box Do this quest along with The Burning of Spirits
35 Khan Dez'hepah - Felgur Twocuts 56,59 C
Kill Khan Dez'hepah 73,41 and Bring Khan Dez'hepah's Head to Felgur Twocuts 56,59 in Desolace.
34 Kodo Roundup - Smeed Scrabblescrew 60,61 K
Use the Kodo Kombobulator to tame five Kodos then bring them back to Smeed Scrabblescrew at Scrabblescrew's Camp.
36 Other Fish to Fry - Drulzegar Skraghook 23,72 F
Slay 7 Slitherblade Myrmidon, 7 Slitherblade Naga, and 5 Slitherblade Sorceresses all found around 36,16
33 Sceptre of Light - Azore Aldamort 38,27 E
Kill Burning Blade Seer 55,30 and collect the Sceptre of Light and then return it to Azore Aldamort 38,27 at the tower in Ethel Rethor.
35 Stealing Supplies - Uthek the Wise 36,79 L
Collect 6 bags of Crudely Dried Meat from Sack of Meat found on the ground at the back of Magram village 72,78
33 The Burning of Spirits - Maurin Bonesplitter 52,53 E
Go to Thunder Axe Fortress 55,28 and Kill the humanoids but right before you kill them use the Burning Gems to create Infused Burning Gem. Collect 15 Infused Burning Gems then return to Maurin Bonesplitter in Desolace.
33 The Corrupter - Flayed Demon Skin E
To begin this quest Kill Burning blade Humanoid in Thunderaxe Fortress until you find Flayed Demon Skin
Bring the Flayed Demon Skin to Maurin Bonesplitter 52,53 in Desolace.
33 The Corrupter pt2 - Maurin Bonesplitter 52,53 G
Collect a Shadowstalker Scalp dropped by Hatefury Shadowstalker in Sageron 75,21
35 The Corrupter pt3 - Maurin Bonesplitter 52,53 H
Bring an Oracle Crystal dropped by Slitherblade Oracle 28,5
32 The Kolkar of Desolace - Regthar Deathgate 45,28 A
Speak with Felgur Twocuts 56,59 at Ghost Walker Post in Desolace.
36 Wharfmaster Dizzywig - Kravel Koalbeard 77,77 -
Bring Kravel's Parts Order to Wharfmaster Dizzywig 63,38 in Ratchet.

Level 35-36 Dustwallow Marsh Order

1. Inspect Hoofprints, Black Shield and Badge as your enter the zone at (49,27) to pick up 3 new quest.

2. Complete [Suspicious Hoofprints] (B)
                    [Lieutenant Paval Reethe] (B)
                    [The Black Shield] (B)

3. Go to Brackenwall Village (A) get flight point and first aid book

4. Complete [Theramore Spies] (C)
                    [The Black Shield pt3] (C)
                    [Hungry!] (D)

5. Complete [Twilight of the Dawn Runner] (E)
                    [Soothing Spices] (D)
                    [The Lost Report] (D)
                    [Stinky's Escape] (F)

6. Complete [Jarl Needs Eyes] (C)
                    [The Severed Head] (D)

7. Skip [Jarl Needs a Blade]

8. Complete [The Theramore Docks] (G) Return to Brackenwall or die to spawn and ressurect Brackenwall     graveyard

9. Fly to Ratchet and turn in [Goblin Sponsorship]
                                             [Wharfmaster Dizzywig]
                                             [Stinky's Escape]

9. Take the boat to Booty Bay

NPCs and Quest
Hints and Comments
36 Hungry! - Mudcrush Durtfeet 35,38 D
Kill Mirefins around 56,22 and collect 12 Mirefin Heads for Mudcrush Durtfeet 35,38
35 Jarl Needs Eyes - "Swamp Eye" Jarl 55,26 C
Kill any Darkmist spiders around 35,23 and collect 40 Unpopped Darkmist Eyes to "Swamp Eye" Jarl 55,26 at the Swamplight Manor.
37 Lieutenant Paval Reethe - Theramore Guard Badge 29,48 B
To start this quest loot Theramore Guard Badge 29,48 then bring it to Krog 36,31 in Brackenwall Village.
35 Suspicious Hoofprints - Hoofprints 29,47 B
To start this quest go to Hoofprints 29,47 by the inn then return to Krog 36,31 in Brackenwall Village about the suspicious prints at the Shady Rest Inn.
35 Soothing Spices - "Swamp Eye" Jarl 55,26 -
You can purchase the Soothing Spices from any 'Trade Supplies' merchant, closest one is Jandia 46,51 at Freewind Outpost
37 Stinky's Escape - "Stinky" Ignatz 47,18 F
Escort "Stinky" Ignatz, then speak with Mebok Mizzyrix 62,37 in Ratchet.
35 Theramore Spies - Nazeer Bloodpike 35,31 C
Kill 9 Theramore Infiltrators around 39,27 just East of Brackenwall, they are stealth so listen for the stealth sound and keep pressing tab.
35 The Black Shield - Black Shield 30,49 B

To start the quest pick up Black Shield 30,49 on the wall then Bring the Blackened Iron Shield to Krog 36,31 in Brackenwall Village.

37 The Black Shield pt3 - Krog 36,32 C
Kill Darkfang Spiders to collect 6 Acidid Venom Sac
37 Twilight of the Dawn Runner - Balandar Brightstar 36,31 E
Collect Dawn Runner Cargo 46,24 at the top of the tower and rescue his first mate Ithania from forces of Theramore at North Point Tower.
35 The Lost Report - Loose Dirt 55,26 D
To start this quest click on the Loose Dirt 55,26 then bring the Spy's Report to Nazeer Bloodpike 35,31 in Brackenwall Village, then return to the Loose Dirt to start The Severed Head
35 The Severed Head - Loose Dirt 55,26 D
Check the Loose Dirt 55,26 and Bring the Defiant Orc Head to Nazeer Bloodpike 35,31 in Brackenwall Village.
35 The Theramore Docks - Nazeer Bloodpike 35,31 G
Find the Captains footlocker at 71,51 underwater and collect the Captain's Documents for Nazeer Bloodpike 35,31 in Brackenwall Village.
35 The Troll Witchdoctor - Nazeer Bloodpike 35,31 -
Take the Defiant Orc Head to Kin'weelay 32,38 in the Grom'gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale.

Level 36-37 Stranglethorn Vale Questing Order

1. Make Booty bay your home and get the Flight Point (Its on the roof top of the inn)

2. Complete [Goblin Sponsorship pt2 & 3] (S)

Make sure you save Greenhills Pages that you found, you will need them for a later quest

3. Fly to Grom'gol (A) turn in [The Troll Witchdoctor] pick up new quest.

4. Complete [Singing Blue Shards] (M)
                    [Tiger Mastery pt3] (N)
                    [Bloodscalp Ears] (G)
                    [Bloodscalp Insight] (G)
                    [Hunt for Yenniku] (G)
                    [Bloody Bone Necklaces] (G)
                    [Raptor Mastery pt2] (A)
                    [The Defense of Grom'gol] (A)

5. Go to Grom'gol (A)

6. Complete [Headhunting] (H)
                    [An Unusual Patron] (F)
                    [The Vile Reef] (K)

7. Go to Nesingwary's Expedition (B)

8. Complete [Tiger Mastery pt4] (G)
                    [Hostile Takeover] (L)
                    [Goblin Sponsorship pt4] (L)
                    [Panther Mastery] (I)

9. Complete [Mok'thardin's Enchantment] (I)
                    [The Defense of Grom'gol] (J)

10. Hearth to Booty Bay (S) and turn in quests

11. Level 37, fly to Tarren Mill, pick up new quest and make it your new home

NPCs and Quest
Hints and Comments
36 An Unusual Patron - Nemeth Hawkeye 32,28 F
Use the Gift of Naias near the Altar of Naias 19,22 to summon the water elemental Naias. Kill Naias and collect the heart then return to Nemeth Hawkeye at Grom'gol Base Camp
34 Bloodscalp Insight - Nemeth Hawkeye 32,28 G
Kill Bloodscalp Shaman 31,16 north of Grom'gol until you find a Bloodscalp Totem.
37 Bloody Bone Necklaces - Kin'weelay 32,27 G
Kill any Bloodscalp trolls 33,15 in Tkashi Ruins and collect 25 Bloody Bone Necklaces to Kin'weelay at the Grom'gol Base Camp.
35 Bloodscalp Ears - Kebok 27,77 G
Kill any Bloodscalp trolls 33,15 in Tkashi Ruins and collect 15 Bloodscalp Ears and return them to Kebok in Booty Bay.
37 Goblin Sponsorship pt4 - Baron Revilgaz 27,76 L

Kill Foreman Cozzle 42,18 to get Cozzle's Key and use it to unlock the chest in a small house at 43,20 then collect Fuel Regulator Blueprints.

37 Headhunting - Nimboya 32,27 H
Kill Bloodscalp Headhunters around 19,12 at Zuuldaia Ruins and collect 20 Shrunken Heads then return to Nimboya at the Grom'gol Base Camp.
36 Hostile Takeover - Kebok 27,77 L
Kill Venture Co. Geologist 45,20 and collect 8 Tumbled Crystals and return them to Kebok in Booty Bay.
34 Hunt for Yenniku - Nimboya 32,27 G
Kill any Bloodscalp trolls 33,15 in Tkashi Ruins and collect 9 Bloodscalp Tusks to Nimboya at the Grom'gol Base Camp.
38 Mok'thardin's Enchantment - Far Seer Mok'thardin 32,29 I
Kill Shadowmaw Panthers around 37,36 south of Grom'Gol to collect 8 Shadowmaw Claws and Kill Stranglethorn Tigress until you collect a Pristine Tigress Fang.
38 Panther Mastery - Sir S. J. Erlgadin 35,10 I
Kill 10 Shadowmaw Panthers around 37,36 south of Grom'Gol
36 Raptor Mastery pt2 - Hemet Nesingwary Jr. 35,10 A
Kill 10 Lashtail Raptors lots found lots just found just outside of Grom'Gol Northern side 31,25
35 Singing Blue Shards - Crank Fizzlebub 27,77 M
Kill any Balisisk 24,16 in Stranglehold Vale and collect 10 Singing Crystal Shards to Crank Fizzlebub.
36 The Defense of Grom'gol pt1 - Commander Aggro'gosh 32,28 A
Kill 15 Lashtail Raptors lots just found just outside of Grom'Gol Northern side 31,25
37 The Defense of Grom'gol pt2 - Commander Aggro'gosh 32,28 J
Kill 10 Ogre Brutes and 5 Ogre Witch Doctors found 37,31 at Mizjah Ruins east of Grom'Gol
37 The Vile Reef (Group) - Kin'weelay 32,27 K
Collect a Tablet Shard 25,23 it is by a wall and you should be able to loot it without killing any mobs. click on the quest link to see a picture of what it looks like to help you spot it.
35 Tiger Mastery pt3 - Ajeck Rouack 35,10 N
Kill 10 Elder Stranglethorn Tigers found between the Kal'ai Ruins & the Bal'lal Ruins; around 35,20
37 Tiger Mastery pt4 - Ajeck Rouack 35,10 G
Kill Sin'Dall 32,17 found on top of a little hill alone and collect her paw.

Level 37 Alterac Mountains Questing Order

1. Complete [Prison Break In] (H)
                    [Stone Tokens] (G)
                    [Dalaran Patrols] (G)
                    [Bracers of Binding] (G)

2. Hearth to Tarren Mill

3. Fly to Hammerfall and make it your new home

NPCs and Quest
Hints and Comments
34 Bracers of Binding - Keeper Bel'varil 61,20 G
Kill Elemental Slave and collect 4 Bracers of Earth Binding around Dalaran 18,78
35 Dalaran Patrols - Magus Wordeen Voidglare 61,20 G
Kill 6 Dalaran Summoners and 12 Elemental Slaves around Dalaran 18,78
34 Prison Break In - Magus Wordeen Voidglare 61,20 H
Kill Dermot, Ricter, Alina and Collect 3 of the crystal inside Lordamere Internment Camp 20,85 and kill Kegan Darkmar 17,83 next door and collect the 4th stone.
32 Stone Tokens - Keeper Bel'varil 61,20 G
Kill Dalaran Humanoids around Dalaran 18,78 and collect 10 Worn Stone Tokens

Level 37-38 Arathi Highlands Questing Order

1. Complete [Trollbane] (A)
                    [The Princess Trapped] (L)

2. Skip [Sigil of Storm] and all other Stromguard quests

3. Go to Hammerfall

4. Complete [Stones of Binding] (H, I, J, K)
                    [To Steal From Thieves] (M)
                    [Foul Magics] (G)

5. Complete [Call to Arms pt3] (E)
                    [Guile of the Raptor] (B)

6. Complete [Breaking the Keystone] since patch 2.4 Forzul is no longer an Elite and you should be able to kill him solo.

7. Complete [Guile of the Raptor pt2] (A)

8. Fly to Undercity and train new spells and skills then head outside and take the Zeppelin to Grom'Gol

NPCs and Quest
Hints and Comments
38 Call to Arms pt3 - Drum Fel 74,33 E
Kill 10 Boulderfist Brutes and 4 Boulderfist Magi found South West of Hammerfall 52,75
33 Foul Magics - Tor'gan 74,36 G
Get 10 Bloodstone Amulets drop by Syndicates at Northfold Manor 32,29
37 Guile of the Raptor - Tor'gan 74,36 B
Get 12 Raptor Hearts dropped from Highland Fleshstalkers 51,68
37 Guile of the Raptor pt2 - Tor'gan 74,36 A
Give Tor'gan's Orb to Gor'mul 73,34
37 Guile of the Raptor pt3 - Gor'mul 73,34 A
Speak with Tor'gan 74,36 in Hammerfall.
38 Stones of Binding - Iridescent Shards 84,30 H, I, J, K
Collect the keys located inside the stone in middle of Binding's area.
Burning Key 25,30, the Cresting Key 68,30 and the Thundering Key 52,50 from the Stone of West Binding, the Stone of East Binding and the Stone of Outer Binding.
Bring them to the Stone of Inner Binding 36,57.
37 The Princess Trapped - Shards of Myzrael 62,33 L
Kill Drywhisker Kobolds at the mines 80,40 and collect 12 Motes of Myzrael, then bring them to the Iridescent Shards 84,30 in Drywhisker Gorge.
37 Trollbane - Nimboya 32,27 A
Travel to Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands and speak with Zengu 73,33.
45 Triage - Doctor Gregory Victor 73,36 A
Allows training of Artisan First Aid (Up to 300)
When doing the quest, 3 types of patients spawn: Injured, Badly Injured and Critically Injured. You must save 15 patients before 6 perish.
Bandage the Critically Injured victims first, as they live the shortest. Once all Critically Injured victims are healed, proceed to heal Badly Injured victims. Again, once all have been healed, proceed to heal Injured victims.
36 To Steal From Thieves - Genavie Callow 64,49 M

Kill Kenata 56,36, Fardel 54,37, and Marcel Dabyrie 53,39 West of HammerFall at Dadyries Farmstead

Level 38-40 Stranglethorn Vale Questing Order

1. Complete [Raptor Mastery pt3] (R)
                    [Mok'thardin's Enchantment pt2] (O)
                    [Venture Company Mining] (T)
                    [Panther Mastery pt4 (Group)] (Q)

2. Return to Grom'Gol then fly to Booty Bay

3. Complete [The Bloodsail Buccaneers] (S)
                    [Scaring Shaky] (P)
                    [Mok'thardin's Enchantment pt3] (P)

4. Return to Booty Bay

5. Complete [The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt2] (S)
                    [Return to MacKinley] (S)
                    [The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt3] (S)

NPCs and Quest
Hints and Comments
41 Mok'thardin's Enchantment pt2 - Far Seer Mok'thardin 32,29 O
Kill Jungle Stalkers 31,40 South of Grom'gol and collect 10 Jungle Stalker Feathers to Far Seer Mok'thardin at the Grom'gol base camp.
41 Mok'thardin's Enchantment pt3 - Far Seer Mok'thardin 32,29 P
Kill Elder Mistvale Gorilla 32,61 North of Booty Bay and collect an Aged Gorilla Sinew to Far Seer Mok'thardin in Grom'gol.
40 Panther Mastery pt4 (Group) - Sir S. J. Erlgadin 35,10 Q
Kill Bhag'thera patrol's around 48,20 a level 40 elite panther, it is easy to solo for range classes and the Fang of Bhag'thera.
41 Raptor Master pt3 - Hemet Nesingwary Jr. 35,10 R
Kill 10 Jungle Stalkers 27,48 along the coast, behind Gurubashi Arena.
41 Return to MacKinley - "Shaky" Phillipe 26,73 S
Bring Shaky's Payment to "Sea Wolf" MacKinley 27,77
41 Scaring Shaky - "Sea Wolf" MacKinley 27,77 P
Kill Elder Mistvale Gorilla 32,61 North of Booty Bay and collect 5 Mistvale Giblets to "Shaky" Phillipe 26,73 in Booty Bay.
41 The Bloodsail Buccaneers - First Mate Crazz 28,76 S
Go right outside the entrance/exit to Booty Bay from Stranglethorn Vale, take a left, and go down 27,69 you will see some Buccaneers. Go over to their little pile of boxes and barrels. There will be a little piece of paper ontop of one of the barrels, read it and complete the quest.
41 The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt2 - Bloodsail Correspondence 27,69 S
Report your findings to First Mate Crazz 28,76 in Booty Bay.
43 The Bloodsail Buccaneers pt3 - First Mate Crazz 28,76 S
Report the planned Bloodsail attack to Fleet Master Seahorn 27,77.
41 Venture Company Mining - Crank Fizzlebub 27,77 T
Kill Venture Co goblins at 41,41 and collect 10 Singing Blue Crystals to Crank Fizzlebub in Booty Bay.

Fly to Grom'gol make it your new home and take the Zeppelin to Undercity and train new spells and skills then hearth to Grom'gol and exit the map North to Duskwood pick up the quest [Nothing But the Truth] at (4) then head East to Deadwind pass

Keep going east to Swamp of Sorrows

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