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Thread: Question about Dugi Guide and Carbonite

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    Default Question about Dugi Guide and Carbonite

    Was I wrong when I saw that they are compatible now? I cannot Anchor the guide like I can without it. 8(

    Added comment: Is there a fix for Carbonite like there is for Sexy Map?
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    Anchoring the guide was never possible with carbonite or any other addon that modifies the quest tracker.
    for that reason, we disabled anchoring if carbonite is detected.

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    Gotcha, I just read that there was a compatibility issue fixed and did not remember what it pertained to. I found it.

    •Fixed compatibility issue with carbonite (map flashing)

    Hopefully someday this issue will be able to be fixed work made to work. 8) Thanks for your reply.

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    Not to be a drag but I know that carbonite is Up in the air ATM...My maps have been a bit off with the new update 6.141...

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    don't use carbonite.

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    Working Fine with the New Carbonite....

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