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Thread: Levelling in Kamlindor

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    Default Levelling in Kamlindor

    Hi, new DG user here I've been using a leading competitor's guides for a while now but wanted to try "the opposition" and, so far, I've been very pleasantly surprised.

    So, my question - I've bought both the levelling and the dungeon/loremaster guides. If I want to level entirely in Kalimdor is there a specific setting to choose or do I manually load the next guide when I reach the minimum level? E.g. I'm doing Ashenvale at the moment with my Orc Warlock - do I just manually load Stonetalon when I get to the right level?

    Thanks in advance...

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    for leveling in Kalimdor, you need to manually select the guide you want.
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    OK, no problem - thanks for the reply.

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