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    First of all I have to say WOW! I have been using your guide for some time. I have been here before you created your own addon and seen the generic version to this AMAZING version. Once again I waited to see what you would come up next and I like what has been done. Now I am just waiting to see what you will come up with

    Ok the reason for my post is for a suggestion. As far as I see it I am almost ready to get rid of Carbonite. Nothing against it in ANY way. Just like the selling of grey items you added to your addon I was able to get rid of the Crap Away AddOn YAY! One less to keep up A feature I would like to see (which should not be too hard) is to have Dugi's Guide to post in Chat/Party Chat that the quest is complete.

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    Just wanted to BUMP this. I know when I quest with my Wife it is nice where Carbonite will post in Party that I have completed the quest and also so I know she completed it as well. It does help when you are questing with someone else. Maybe also have it so you can turn it on and off for those that do not want it.

    Again thanks for all that you do for us so we can enjoy the game.

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