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Thread: Auto accept quest from givers

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    Default Auto accept quest from givers

    Could we not have an auto mated acceptance of quests if we follow the dugi guide

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    yea that would be an awesome idea I think we need it as well what do you guys think ? Is it possible ?

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    I'm not sure if it's possible, but I don't feel any particular want for it. It takes two clicks to accept a quest, and the lore behind them are sometimes pretty interesting. Maybe if you need to do a speedrun, but otherwise I wouldn't want it.


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    It is possible, and it doesn't really require that much coding. Here is one that will accept and complete all quests, except for rewards where you got to pick your reward.

    From what I have seen of different, but similar addons, they code can be set so it will only perform the task when you are on the step you are on. Since the other accepting and turning in go based off on the quest id's in the game. When you talk to the quest giver and you see the ! <quest name> it isn't really written there like that, it is written in there link format with the quest id, and the name pops up from that id. When Cata first hit, you could get a addon to list a quest from an old id number.

    If you look at a quest on wowhead, the number they use for the quest is the actual in game quest id. Dugi could probably even get his own collection status based off of the quest id and item id's instead of the quest tracker doing it.

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    this is definitely possible and it is already on our 'to do' list, we are still tweaking our waypoint arrow in the addon department. Then we will likely work on the Auto Accept feature as it is high in demand.

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    Really looking forward to this! I use the dailies guide, well daily, and having it auto accept will be awesome. Keep up the great work!

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    The trouble with automation addon is, that taking all the quests, will lumber you with quests you don't need and don't require if your on a solo leveling pattern. It should be possible in Dugi guide to tell you which quests to take and eliminating impossible or irrelevant quests as by the time you have completed a handful, the quests remaining may not give you the xp you require and can be best sought elsewhere.

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    I have just had a discussion with a wow colleague who uses another completely different guide. Has anyone used Zygor guides? Sorry to bring this up in Dugi's but aparently, it tells him which quests to take and which to ignor and depending on xp attained leads you onto the next quest and forgoes irrelevant quests.It accepts quest from quest givers and moves onto the next - I can see that it would suit most people as its a fast way to levelling, but not used it I would'nt know. I find Dugi guide is a great help, but needs some finer tweaks, what do others think

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    Quote Originally Posted by onibaba View Post
    ... it tells him which quests to take and which to ignor and depending on xp attained leads you onto the next quest and forgoes irrelevant quests.
    That's exactly what Dugi's guides do, except rather than taking XP into account, it takes quest locations into account and optimizes the path, which is a much quicker way to level.

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    Both guides use a questing path with considerations for XP rewards and taking the quickest path possible. Both guides seem to remove the quests where the XP gained from the quest itself is not worth the time over other quests in the area. Those quests that are more time for less XP are not included in either guides.
    What separates one guide from the other is the choice of quests used in the guide(s), and the function of the guide itself. Some people swear by Zygor guides as the best after using both, others clearly prefer Dugi's.
    This is why I love that they both give trial versions of their guides, and the competition between the higher-end guide authors forcing improvements that only better us as consumers.

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