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Thread: outland dungeon guide

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    Default outland dungeon guide

    i just wanted to ask does this guide work anymore? i have the dungeon tab in my ingame addon but nothing shows up in it and i can see that some npcs give dungeon quests in outland and i dont know which dungeon they correspond to , it doesnt even say in the quest window ...
    is the guide going to work in outland and northrend or not?

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    Did you update using the installer?

    Try clicking the repair button.
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    repair didnt work at all it still shows 0 dungeon guides when i press the dungeon guides tab. what is the solution plz?

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    The Outland and Northrend Dungeon guides are not available yet. We are working on a solution.

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    ok thanx alot for the reply hope it comes quickly, u guys r doing a gr8 job with all the other stuff

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