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    Default Quests Missing

    I just subscribed last night and bought the following:

    Your Subscriptions

    * Horde Achievements & Professions Guide
    * Horde Leveling Guide
    * BONUS: In-Game Talent Guide
    * BONUS: Level 1-80 Class Gear Guide
    * Horde Leveling Cataclysm

    I bought the achievement and profession guide first then installed it to test it out then went back and bought the Horde Leveling Guide. When I open it up in game now, the Kalimdor quests only guy up to Ashenvale (20-25) but I have enough quests in Eastern Kingdom to get me near 60. Blasted Lands to be exact. I was wondering where the rest of the quests are for Kalimdor. I downloaded the latest installer/updater from the members area as well. Thanks for your help in advance.

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    The Kalimdor quests will be part of our Loremaster Achievement guide.
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