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    Default Human Starting Area

    Hi Dugi,

    I tried the human starting area and the guide is not auromatically ticking/selecting/finishing any quests.

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    Update, its doing stuff every now and again, but a RELOAD is not working as well...

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    Default Same and with two other problems noted.

    Dugi - I just started a human pally on a new (for me) server. I started "clean" (cleared Cache, WTF & Interface) and only installed your mods. The problem mentioned seems to be only in the lvl 1-5 area. Clears up as soon as you get the quest to go to Goldshire.

    I'm following the guide EXACTLY with 1 exception (into SW to pick up mining & skinning). Although I had a couple opportunities to mine - I'm now sitting at the point to obtain "! Princess Must Die!" - but... I'm still only lvl 5, thus it is still unavailable from Ma Stonefield (yeah, I know - go kill a couple cobalds and mine a couple nodes). I'm skipping it (X) for now - then when I can pick it up, I will then.

    Okay - after getting the complete (or somewhere around there) on Exploring the Mine....

    Also an update - at the point of Goldtooth. The instructions say that he is in the very back of the mine - he's been moved, he is up OVER the mine (at least that is where I saw him). Also - right after killing him, finished up the dust and candles - it told me to turn in ? Goldtooth.... but the spot where TomTom pointed was right where Goldtooth was (with his coordinates) not where "Auntie" Bernice Stonefield was. Only when I got back to Bernice did TomTom adjust and said "oh... here it is".

    Just turned in Gold Dust Exchange - again, ont lvl enough (less than 1 bubble to go) - had to turn in The Fargodeep Mine first....
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    Thank you for reporting, error has been fixed.

    Click here.
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