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    I am currently running the dungeon guide on my 73 almost 74 Mage and have noticed the guide seems to check extra steps before they are completed. 2 examples very close together are that it checked pickup of "voices from the dust" on completing "my heart is in your hands", then clicked pickup of "therapy" at the turn in of "say hello to my little friend." I had just completed updating to all the latest before the session I am currently running so I am confused as to what is happenning.

    Other than this I have enjoyed the use of the guides as it has made my levelling quicker. This has been disheartening as they have required going back to pick up the quest when I check and the quest is not in the quest log, but I have the do step there in front of me.

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    The guide data seems to be ok, so it could be some other issue, how often does this happen?

    are you able to give me a list of addons that you use.

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    Seems to be random, and will have to get the current list and post. I had thought that it had happened in the leveling guide, but am not sure.

    The examples I gave were the ones i ran into yesterday while working my mage.

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    I just lost the long post I created, but While creating it I found the following:

    1. I had the elwynn forest 1-12 section and had clicked the kill bears steps.
    2. I started to the Jasperlode mine and had a wolf attack
    3. on killing the wolf it checked the jasperlode mine step.
    4. I unchecked and tried again and on the first kill after it checked the jasperlode mine step

    I will get the addons i have and post later if you want.

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