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    Cool Bagging Up

    Where can I buy 12 slot or larger bags? I have looked at a lot of vendors and cannot find anything larger than 10 at Stormwind. I am always managing loot and sale items because I don't have bag space .

    I am new to WOW for 1 month but doing well. I have a lvl 49 Palidin and lvl 20 Priest and 300G+ thanks to the gold guide. Money is no issue ever. Just focused on leveling now.

    I need 12 larger bags however. I cannot make them since I am in Mining/Blacksmithing and Enchanting/Jewelcrafting currently.

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    You need to buy them from a tailor or look for them on the auction house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelilguy View Post
    You need to buy them from a tailor or look for them on the auction house.
    Yeah, I don' know of any real vendors which sell anything larger than 10slots. Your best bet would be hit the AH for some Netherweave (16 slot) bags. they tend to have the best price per slot. Anything larger tends to just get expensive.

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    Thanks that helps. I looked on AH previously but everything was really high end. I will go AH route and check again, and look for tailors. Makes sense. Should have thought of that.

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    Wink Bag info website

    FYI, here is a good link for bag info:


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