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  1. Minor problem regarding frame positioning

    OK, so in this screenshot, we see that the small frame (or objective tracker, not sure what it is called) is properly lined up along the right edge of the screen. Every now and then, though, it...
  2. Thank guys! I'll check all these out and see...

    Thank guys! I'll check all these out and see what works best for me.
  3. Recommended addons to synergize with DugiGuides

    What are some of the better addons that work well with DugiGuides? I'm not looking for the best addons of all-time - I can look those up at Curse. I'm simply seeking which ones work especially well...
  4. Sweet! A few hours after my post, I did manage...

    Sweet! A few hours after my post, I did manage to find the "Materials Farmer". That helped somewhat, but it should really be in the standard Cooking guide as well. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Am I missing something with the Cooking guide?

    I'm using the "Cooking w/Fishing 1-525" and it doesn't seem to tell you where to get the actual materials needed to craft the recipes it's telling you to craft. For example, the very first cooking...
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    Love is in the Air Daily Guide re-order

    I don't know LUA programming otherwise I'd make the changes myself. The guide could use some smoothing out, though. For example, I collect (if I don't already have them all) 40 lovely charms before...
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    Love Daily Guide Skips "Crushing the Crown"

    I can't verify the other levels, but for those level 81 and higher the guide skips Crushing the Crown. The quest is done at the Tomb of Khartut in Uldum.
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    Is this something I should be using the Sticky...

    Is this something I should be using the Sticky Frames for? Or can I just click the green button after finding the item I need, setting the waypoint, and going that route?
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    First Aid Guide - Gathering Materials

    I just bought all the guides (thanks for the 50% sale) and am trying to learn how to best use them. Everything appears to be in order except for when I start up the First Aid guide. I've leveled up...
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