Special Message From Dugi Guides

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  1. Seeque  4 years ago

    My decision to buy your guide is now even better knowing that you are donating some of the proceeds to good charitable organizations. It’s a tough world out there and it is good to know that there are people who are still willing to help others out. Merry Christmas to you and you staff, and a Happy New year!


  2. Darkwulfy  4 years ago

    Happy holidays, Dugi…


  3. Moonrager  4 years ago

    Merry Christmas to everyone and have a safe and wonderful New Year.

    Keep up the good work Dugi (and all) and I’m sure you’re going to have a great 2011!!!


    PS. Love the charity selections!


  4. Herman  4 years ago

    I wish you and your team all the best for 2011. I was really surprised to see that you donated so much money to charity. That proves you are doing fine, and you and “the other guide” can exist next to each other. The dungeon guide and vendor supply run are for me examples that you keep looking further for improvements. Keep up the good work!


  5. rebanne (Mike)  4 years ago

    Merry Christmas to you too !!!! Have a great holiday


  6. Dave  4 years ago

    You the MAN and the women in your organization are the WOMAN. Thanks for overcoming your difficulties and producing a quality product. Keep the faith and have a productive 2011 as well…the best.


  7. Donald  4 years ago

    Well, if I could only turn back the clock about 25 years and get a job with a company like yours! Happy holidays to you guys!


  8. Richard  4 years ago

    All the best to the best!!!

    As a long time member of the ultimatewowguide community I’d like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to providing the highest quality products.

    Looking forward to 2011!


  9. gardibolt  4 years ago

    Thank you for this, and thank you for providing such terrific guides. I’ve only been a user for a month, so I missed all the drama, but I can’t imagine playing without them already. Excellent work, all. Have a happy holiday season


  10. Matt  4 years ago

    That was very nice and happy holidays to you and your family.


  11. udowanano  4 years ago

    Thank you so much for all youve done, for us the gamers and those charities …you guys , and gals are awesome. Keep up the good work and you all have a great holiday season!!!


  12. ikey  4 years ago

    Hi Dugi,

    Hope you and yours have a great holiday season. I know you have had a tough year but you came through with flying colors. It’s always a boost to see the good guys overcome and win in the end.

    Happy Holidays to all from Boston USA.


  13. Backwoodsman56  4 years ago

    Thank you for the recognition. All the best to you and your family as well. Always stay healthy and happy. Merry Christmas.


  14. Katy  4 years ago

    I think not only did you recover at the beginning of the year, but you made your guides even better than before, and better than that OTHER guide (which I’m ashamed to say I have used in the past before I discovered Dugi’s Guides). I truly think that the setback you all had created an opportunity to make your product so much better. If it hadn’t happened, would you have thought to do what you did? Necessity is the mother of invention, and you and your staff made the most of it!! Kudos to you ALL, and Happy Holidays!!


  15. Monticor  4 years ago

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for Dugi-Guides Team.
    Thanks for all the hard work!

    greetings from Germany/Turkey :P


  16. Emanuel  4 years ago

    Thanks for all your hard work you put into the guides and have a great holiday season with your friends and families.

    Also I want to thank you for your generous donations to the well deserved organizations. We’ll see you and your staff in the coming new year!


  17. Majik  4 years ago

    Thanks and happy New Year to u guys. Hope its a good one for ya.

    Love the new installer/updater btw.

    P.S. Still think this video needs an orc punting a gnome or something :p


  18. Xeryncian  4 years ago

    MERRY CHRISTMAS DUGI’S GUIDE CREW!!! Thanks for all your hard work folks….. have a great holiday season with your friends and families and we’ll see you in the new year!!!


  19. Vince Sherrill  4 years ago

    Thanks for all your hard work. The guide you have put together make the experience so much more fun.

    Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you Dugi and gang!


  20. leonard keane  4 years ago

    great guide happy hols to all looked for a guide for ages this so cool Dugi all the best in 2011 longdead.


  21. Teigen  4 years ago

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays. That was a fantastic gift. Keep up the good work :D


  22. Jenny  4 years ago

    I find it so wonderful that you all had time to donate money to those worthy charities. Nice work Dugi. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all your families.


  23. 3dzoef  4 years ago

    Got a warm fuzzy feeling when i saw your message. Ty dugi guides and happy holidays yourselves as well.


  24. mikeart  4 years ago

    Best wishes to you all from a cold snow-bound UK


  25. Wibart  4 years ago

    Merry Christmas Dugi!


  26. Alex  4 years ago

    Aww, now that was sweet. I never knew your production team consisted of just 8 people!
    It’s really great that you give some of your proceedings to charities that do the most important work of all. I suspect that that money would have been a substantial part of your earnings, as Dugi’s Guides isn’t very well known.

    Merry Christmas to you all too. Keep doing your work, and we’ll all keep loving it!


  27. tero  4 years ago

    thank you dugi, you made my cristmas better with this vid, keep up the good work with vharitys :D


  28. Fernn  4 years ago

    Your company is a shining example to all of us.
    I am sure I am not alone in saying that I will be glad to continue to support you fully in the future.
    May your Christmas be happy and your New Year be abundant.


  29. Stanis  4 years ago

    Thank you Dugi, great guides , great people .. Merry Christmas and A happy New year to all


  30. gordong11  4 years ago

    Thank you Dugi! I couldn’t imagine a better guide, and your customer service is first rate! Honored to be a part of the success. Merry Xmas.


  31. Kat  4 years ago

    Thanx heaps for all the hard work its greatly appreciated, and fantastic donation!!!! Have a safe and merry Christmas and New Year

    From Kattay

    Melbourne Aust


  32. Mcsibbles  4 years ago

    It’s great to see you guys giving to charity! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!


  33. Greedy  4 years ago

    Wishing you, Dugi and family and the staff at Ultimatewowguide a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I hope you all get to really relax and enjoy the Holidays. Your guides have helped me alot with lvling and questing :) Nice move to donate, keep up the good works and see you in 2011!!


  34. satanlord  4 years ago

    wishing you and staff all the best,thx for all you do and happy holiday’s


  35. Salian  4 years ago

    Indeed have a nice X-mas, keep up the good work in the new year, looking forward to see what you guys will come up with


  36. Adrian Salter  4 years ago

    Dugi and all at Ultimate WoW Guides, Thanks for your hard work with prompt upgrades and the odd freebie through the year. Good customer service is uncommon, so you deserve congrats for this. Also, learning about your donations to these worthy charities makes me feel extra good in this feel-good season!


  37. zygyzag  4 years ago

    Thanks Dugi – well deserved success. Your regular news and emails really show you care about the project and your customers. Great that you also care about other people enough to donate to those charities. You are all doing excellent work on the guides and I will be supporting you in the New Year – have a great holiday.


  38. Barticvs  4 years ago


    And a merry x-mas and a happy new year!!!


  39. Killerry  4 years ago

    Dugi, This is why I bought the guide in 2007. You are all AWESOME people, And aren’t greedy like many people.

    Much Love,
    Pedobear (Killerry)


  40. leilah  4 years ago

    I was debating on buying the cataclysm guide, because I donate to several charities during this season. You have changed that, knowing that my money will be going to the places I would donate to anyway makes me feel very happy. I have enjoyed using your guides though the years, and plan to do so in the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Happy Holidays!


  41. Toptek  4 years ago

    :) and May 2011 be even better .



  42. MorningThunder  4 years ago

    Hoped to see a family pic of you all maybe next time. Glad to be an indirect part of charities through my purchases!


  43. Shortdoit  4 years ago

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, glad to see you are donating to the SPCA in NZ. Way to go, and thanks for your help an information


  44. Geoffrey  4 years ago

    Nicely done, Dugi. That was a lot of work.

    Merry Christmas from Irvine, CA.


  45. Bigenuf  4 years ago

    What a wonderful Company.
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!! ;-)


  46. GARY REZEAU  4 years ago

    Great and strong come back in 2010 Dugi. So glad you all hung in there and toughed it out. I want to to be around as long as Blizz keeps making WoW expansions.

    And well done on the charitable donations. All are great charities and deserve our support.

    May 2011 be even better!!

    Merry Christmas from Melbourne, FL, USA


  47. Shazbot  4 years ago

    Just makes me like the guide even more. Not only do you make a working viable product but you also help with a portion of your earnings. Keep up the good work.




  48. Sevenhammer  4 years ago

    I’ve always known there was a reason I liked you all….and you all proved it.


  49. Aeon  4 years ago

    ty, dugi. and have a happy holiday!


  50. Rich W.  4 years ago

    The fact that you donated all of that money to charity organizations really means a lot and makes you guys stand out as a company. I find you all to be really cool people unlike other greedy sellers. Keep up the great work and may you have a wonderful time in your holiday celebrations. Cheers!