Dugi’s Guide v4.1 & ‘Guess The New Guide’ Competition

Hi, everyone we have been quiet the last couple of weeks but that’s because we are very hard at work with putting finishing touches on the major update with Dugi’s Guide Viewer v4.1

As you may have noticed Dugi’s Guide  just gets better and better with every new update and we’re moving at the speed of light!… well not quite, but we are fast :)

Check out the screen shot below and you will notice a couple of major features that we have been working on for a while.

The 2 new major features are

  • Display of quest level with color coding.
  • And the ! ? will now change color to grey  if you’re not at a high enough level to accept the quest so that you will know before reaching the quest giver.

Combine these 2 features with our ‘Chain Quest Linking’ feature and you are now in complete control on how fast and how slow you want to progress. You can now gain experience points with other methods such as dungeons or PVP and you don’t have to worry about being out of sync with the guide.

If you’re using Heirloom items or playing with Recruit-A-Friend you can now also easily skip the green – grey quests that won’t give you much experience and with our ‘Chain Quest Linking’ feature you will never be out of sync with the guide.

We have been testing this feature extensively and we’re confident that these features are better than any other features that other competitor guides have to offer as you will have complete control.

From the screenshot above you may notice  2 new *censored* tabs ,  both these tabs are reserved for our brand new guide that is going to be released on May 19th.

All you have to do is leave a comment in this post  and also ‘Guess’  the correct guide that we’re going to release

I will give you a hint…  it is an In-Game guide! :)

sorry I’ll do better than that, here it is.

How To Enter

Choose one of these four possible answers

  1. In-Game Profession Guide
  2. In-Game Dungeon Guide
  3. In-Game Achievement Guide
  4. In-Game Gold Guide


  • To win you have to pick the correct answer and also tell us why you chose the answer.
  • To qualify your email must be a part of our ‘Newsletter’ list, you can subscribe here if you haven’t opt-in yet.
  • One guess per entry.
  • One entry per email address.
  • Winners will be notified with the email that they subscribed on the list (make sure it matches the one you leave on the comment below) make sure its correct or else you won’t be able to claim your prize.
  • Entries will close when the winners chosen by a draw and are announced on May 13th 2010

Invite your Friends

Encourage your friends to enter because they might be able to win it for you! use the ‘Share / Save facebook, twitter’ link below.

They must be in our ‘subscribers’ list as well to receive the prize, they can unsubscribe once the winners are announced on May 13th 2010.

The Prize

10 Guaranteed Winners will win an early copy of our Brand New Guide

It doesn’t get any easier than this to enter a contest,

Have fun and good luck everyone :-)

I’m sorry I can’t give out anymore hints!

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  1. Joey  4 years ago

    In Game Dungeon Guide that would be my guess as well as what I would like to see


  2. Jimbou  4 years ago

    I’m hoping it’s “3. In-Game Achievement Guide”! This feature would appeal the most to me as I wouldn’t need to constantly check various websites for that information. And as there already is a simple Addon, that covers a few Achievements, it would be very cool if Dugi’s would have a major guide like this.


  3. Seegs  4 years ago

    I am thinking an In Game Dungeon guide, second choice, achievement guide. Keep up the awesome work Dugi!!!


  4. Vicvayporuub  4 years ago

    I believe the next In-Game guide will be the Dungeon Guide because of how useful it will be especially for the more convoluted dungeons. My group gave Uldaman a skip because we didn’t want to do another crazy cave crawl. I’m sure Dugi could put together a guide that would simplify these instances.


  5. TayMac  4 years ago

    I think (and hope and pray) that it will be a dungeon gudie. I really need help there – I followed the guides up to Level 80 no problem and even did a few events and dailies – but I’m hopeless at dungeons. I SO need help there. Please Dugi, if it isn’t a Dungeon guide could you consider building one?


  6. heraklen  4 years ago

    Please let it be a Ingame dungeon guide! , I could really use that with easy guide for each class how to handle different bosses , preferably showing up right before you get to the boss.


  7. kcrady57  4 years ago

    I’m guessing the profession guide. It’s the one I’d find the most useful – what should I be making at my current skill level to skill up faster?


  8. Garan  4 years ago

    I also think it most likely will be an in-game dungeon guide. This will be helpful when put in a random instance that you may not be familiar with and as stated by other posters would help in gaining XP for leveling so goes hand in hand with the original Dugi’s guide.

    I would like to see in addition to that, perhaps at a later date, another addition to the guide that lets users know which quests have been missed to obtain the current quest that the guide is pointing towards. I’ve had several instances where for whatever reason I got out of sync with the guide and was stuck trying to back track to lower level quests to see which quest I missed that is needed to get the next quest the guide says I should doing.


  9. Erik  4 years ago

    Achievement Guide: Easiest way to get the loremaster title (maybe other cool features too).
    Profession Guide: Routes and such for mining / herbing the fastest and best way possible!


  10. Elylarina  4 years ago

    I think it would be an In-Game Dungeon Guide because I haven’t seen anyone with a Dungeon Guide, I think that would be very cool. Maybe it would also say if there are any quests for that dungeon I should get? I also sort of have a hard time getting around some Dungeons:P. Hope it’s Dungeons!


  11. Nuz  4 years ago

    I reckon it’s Option 1, the Profession Guide.
    The reason I think it’s that is that one tab could be for your primary professions (e.g Leather Working, Blacksmithing, etc) and the second for your secondary professions (i.e. First Aid, Fishing, Cooking).


  12. Rik  4 years ago


    I think it will be a Dungeon guide. I think this as no other in game guide to my knowledge has this feature and in a previous post you did mention that the new secret project “will be revolutionary and set a new standard for all guides”.


  13. Mat  4 years ago

    If it is an Achievement Guide then that would be monumental – there are plenty of people out there who have taken to the Achievement side of the game. I guess this would be a great addon that would grow with time; getting it done so quickly would be an ‘achievement’ in itself! Also, with achievements, many of them could cunningly be complete alongside zones and quests that you may be completing…hmm….an in-game achievement tab really would rock!
    Secondly, a sweet a easier Guide to fill in would be the Dungeon Guide. I think this would also be a very good addition, especially with so many people making use of Dungeon Finder and, in fact, choosing to level this way too – any completed quests would help boost through that bounty.


  14. david  4 years ago

    2- In-Game Achievement Guide

    because there is no in-game achievement guide on the market


  15. Pharmm  4 years ago

    I will guss on In-Game Dungeon Guide, since is the only guide to my knowledge you havn’t made yet.


  16. Robert  4 years ago

    Profession guide cause its the only one that makes sense. Achievements are pretty self explanatory and u can just click track to see where u need to go next. A dungeon guide doesn’t really make sense, what could it possibly do? And there are already speed gold daily runs in the daily guide and the rest is picking out farming routes which cant really benefit from an in game guide.


  17. sKy  4 years ago

    19th May new guides? Is Dugi a mentalist its my birthday on that day yay best gift evar!XD


  18. tigere  4 years ago

    I think it will be a dungeon guide for when you don’t want to do the quest or you are a bit behind the guide


  19. Sywade  4 years ago

    In-Game Profession Guide

    I think that it will be this because I use the Professions guides on Dugi’s site all the time and having to flick in and out of wow all the time is ok, but if I could use an in-game guide so much the better. Same goes for the other tab, I think it is cooking, first aid and fishing, which again will be so useful to have in-game. I can see that been a major attraction to both new and old when it comes to wow. :)


  20. Euan  4 years ago

    Of course, I wasn’t quite reading the question right -.- It’s dungeon. Definitely dungeon.


  21. Euan  4 years ago

    Based on length, I’d say dungeon and achievement.

    But I’d like to think it’s dungeon and profession, cause you already have awesome profession guides that I’d love to see in-game. They’d be harder to track though, I think.


  22. Clawclawbite  4 years ago

    I think it will be the profession guide because there is such good resources already up on your site just aching to get thrown directly in game via a mod.


  23. Eterad  4 years ago

    I think one of them could be Dungeon guide it would be cool to see this guide in game not in text in web browser or youtube


  24. Destructix  4 years ago

    Hi, i think it will be a in game achievement guide, cause there are so many not known well, its a pain to track them all!


  25. lilocowboy  4 years ago

    2. In-Game Dungeon Guide

    I would say the reason would be because it is so easy to do random Dungeons because of the Dungeon Finder which would help you in 2 ways.

    a. XP gained – You can gain more XP in the process of going the Dungeon by killing the Mobs and Bosses in the Dungeon and turning in the quests that pertain to those dungeons.

    b. Gear obtained – Better gear would allow you to do more damage and protect yourself better while questing in turn which would make it possible to lvl much faster.


  26. Diabolist  4 years ago

    I have to say it’s a profession guide. It would seem to me that a dungeon guide would be redundant with the exception of dungeon quests due to the random dungeon finder. An in-game profession leveling guide however would be an awesome function to keep from tabbing out all the time and checking multiple websites for what am I making / buying next to get this skill up.


  27. Susan Westover  4 years ago

    Has to be an in game dungeon guide which will rock. You guys have done all the rest and done it the best. Next logical step has to be a dungeon guide. Can’t wait to see it.


  28. Periwinkle  4 years ago

    I am hoping it is a dungeon guide- due to you liking innovative products and beating everyone else to it, also you listen to your customers – an in game dungeon guide is really needed cos there is nothing worse than not being able to find your way around a dungeon to complete the dungeon quests without having to keep tabbing out to wowhead or similar. I really hope that is what it is.


  29. Uhbahlz  4 years ago

    I think that it will be a dungeon guide, cause a lot of people slack around in dungeons being carried by others, because they don’t know what to do.


  30. Nick  4 years ago

    My guess is the In-Game Professions Guide. The reasoning behind that is that there are so many other badly-written miscalculated guides out there, and that Dugi’s are the one guide-writing group that I would actually trust with a professions guide, enough to go out and buy all the mats I need before making a start.
    Plus, it is the one Guide up there which would involve following a set path of steps. Gold guides don’t follow that too much and are too situational, achievement guides again don’t follow the path concept too much, and a dungeon guide is fairly useless seeing as most people are used to Atlas / aren’t stupid enough to not know their way around dungeons which are bloody linear.


  31. Stephen  4 years ago

    there are 2 tabs. One dungeon guide and one profession guide. An Acheivement guide would be nice in the fututre too Dugi


  32. Mikomis  4 years ago

    I think it will be – 2. In-Game Dungeon Guide

    Already have a gold & profession guide i know they are not in game but can not really guide people around for professions or gold making.
    Achievements are something which is good but again hard to create a guide for people to do that.

    Dungeons have a fair amount of quests within them so seems like the most feasible option out of the four.


  33. Ronny  4 years ago

    Think its an achievement guide because gold you cannot guide and dungeons ? How can you guide a 5 or 10 man group :)
    And achievements are important these days but we’ll see



  34. Randaii  4 years ago

    Has to be a professions guide. Professions guide is far more usefull than a dungeon guide an achievment guide is somewhat usefull. but not to many people such as myself really cares for achievements. If you intend on making money off of these new guides, the professions guide will by far be the more popular one.


  35. Dfinni  4 years ago

    My guess is in game dungeon guide n that wud b very awesome to have 


  36. Emiel  4 years ago

    i think it is an achievement-guide.
    it won’t be a gold-guide, because there are already hundreds of them.
    profession-guide isn’t needed also.
    and as the last: the dungeon-guide, why would you need that? there are lots of addons like atlas that help you on your way in the dungeons and instances.



  37. Naexus  4 years ago

    It has to be the In-Game Dungeon Guide. Dungeons have quests too you know. :P

    I really like where this guide add-on is going. I didn’t expect an expansion so soon with all the ongoing bug-fixing and feature-adding. Keep up the good work Dugi! Can’t wait.


  38. Mat  4 years ago

    While I desperately want it to be an achievement guide, I’m going to guess it’s

    2. In-Game Dungeon Guide

    I hope we get something from you on achievements soon!


  39. Bradskey  4 years ago

    I think the new Guide is an ingame dungeon guide! My guess is this because, as everyone knows, Dugi is comitted to creating the very fastest leveling possible and dungeons are both a significant and effective way of doing so. I am not sure how he will implement this kind if guide but I am definately excited about it!!! ( that is if I’m right) haha Thanks again Dugi! I love your guides! I have a lot of them!!!!


  40. TJ  4 years ago

    I think it’s all of them, because you’re cool like that!


  41. Hubert  4 years ago

    My guess is the dungeon guide.
    – Because it would be really innovative and no one has made it before, unless you count the boss mod.
    – Because the blurred out text word looks kind of like “Dungeon” :)



  42. William  4 years ago

    Answer: 4. In-Game Dungeon Guide.

    I’m guessing its a dungeon guide because as u said earlier ‘You can now gain experience points with other methods such as dungeons or PVP and you don’t have to worry about being out of sync with the guide’. So a dungeon guide will probably be appropriate as users will need to know what dungeon is better to do than questing at some levels and maybe the In-Game Dungeon Guide will also show some items that might be useful in leveling. And being honest, the blurred image looks like Dungeon to me after looking the second time. But it is not the reason why i chose this option.


  43. JK  4 years ago

    1. In-Game Profession Guide – the perfect companion; why not level your professions at the same time you level your characters?


  44. Sean  4 years ago

    Dungeon Guide. The blurred out tab looks like it reads “Dungeon” so thats my pick. :-)


  45. Simon  4 years ago

    It’s most definetly a Dungeon Guide
    I chose the answer due to the little yellow dot a little below the screenshot – Which would be the bottom of a lower case g in game
    (Leveling shows the same) Also that “Spot” is placed at the 4th letter Which also would be resembling the word Dungeon.
    Also – Dungeon is the only word with a Lower Case ‘g’


  46. Evan  4 years ago

    In-game profession guide…i guessed that based on the fact that there are two tabs…i expect one to represent primary professions, and the second to represent the secondary professions such as cooking, fishing and first aid.


  47. mike  4 years ago

    Hey im thinking it will be a achievement guide for when ur fed up with leveling and want a break ;)


  48. miguel  4 years ago

    My answer: #1 In-Game Profession Guide
    Why: I would like to see something where the guide will tell you what items to get and what to craft. And you can craft from inside the addon too.


  49. Rob Kaijen  4 years ago

    My answer: 2. In-Game Dungeon Guide


  50. henkie  4 years ago

    I think it will be a dungeon guide for when you are to far behind the guide you can do some dungeons to make up with it