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  1. James Rodriguez  4 years ago

    Well, I’m going to have to say my favorite place is Dustwallow Marsh.

    Every time I was leveling back in TBC, I would always see someone in the guild/or a friend go around The Quagmire yelling and saying in chat “giggity, giggity”. Which is a Family Guy reference of Quagmire from his favorite quote in the TV series. Which at the time, I never heard of, since I rarely watch TV. It was very odd to me until someone told me to go watch it on TV.

    My Favorite instance would have to be BRD/Molten Core.

    The reason why is back when Vanilla come out. I didn’t have a computer and didn’t know what World of Warcraft was. I spent the night over at my friends house for the weekend. During the time I was over there he was in a big raid doing Molten Core. I was amazed at the game and just watched him play for 5 hours doing molten core. Then, after awhile he let me play on his character during the Raid and he told me what I should do. He was only a buffing and dispelling paladin back then, but it was really fun. Even though, I wasn’t doing anything really big in the game.

    Then after awhile I bought the very addicting game and started to play during TBC I got to level 70 with a Fire spec’d Mage since, I love Fire. I went back into the Molten core with my whole guild for the achievement. Still to this day I love going in there and looking at all the fire elements and hounds, us all surrounded by lava. That place is just so awesome.

  2. Michael  4 years ago

    My favorite area was strangle thorn vale I always felt like I was in the jungle with danger everywhere. Especially the pathers that were stealthed. I always loves to explore every inch killing every raptor that tried to eat me

  3. Gadgeteere  4 years ago

    I really don’t think I can pick a favorite zone. Several of them hold very dear places in my mind. But my favorite dungeon is Dire Maul, simply for the fact that it was such an epic struggle to gather all the materials for my level 60 epic warlock mount. The Dreadsteed, then once I completed the gathering I managed to find a group of friends and we struggled through killing the boss. It was so frustrating but when we finally finished I was so excited to have this incredible new mount. Even to this day I will remember all the hours spent, and quite often go back to Dire Maul to help guildies out with the dungeon in general.

  4. Kristi  4 years ago

    I have a two favorit zones. the Un’Goro Crater and the Azuremyst Isle. I like the crater because it has lots of mining, different types of animals and the landscape. Even though I like to play horde I feel that Azuremyst Isle has the best set of quests of any of the starting points. With other start points I almost dread starting a new toon because I just don’t want to have to keep doing some of the starting quests over and over again. However, I always enjoy the quests in Azuremyst Isle.

  5. Sharinn  4 years ago

    I would have to say that Stranglethorn Vale. It seem the fastest to level up on and you could work on skinning and herbiing all at the same time

  6. Mercforhire  4 years ago

    original wow aka pre burning and pre catacylism my favorite zone was ungora crater it was so much fun doing all the quests fighting dinosaurs and bugs and it just had great environment and after the expansion my favorite is the sundered lands my favorite dungeon is grim batoll especially on heroic it is so awsome and has given me such great armor and on top of that you get to ride dragons and fire bomb mobs.

  7. Jonathan  4 years ago

    I really enjoy the art of the game and enjoy Nagrand.

  8. Michaele Klaerle-Pundt  4 years ago

    For me it is the Worgen starting zone around Gilneas. Its so different from anything else. Very moody and dark, almost a bit depressing. Nevertheless its very unique and very “new”. Though it is difficult sometimes to keep up with a running “quest” NPC for first timers. The music is great and matches the mood. Sadly its just a starting zone.

  9. kavitup  4 years ago

    That’s easy my favorite zone is westfall / The Deadmines…I was inspired by by a youtube clip by the name of wowhobbs you might of heard of him. Me and my brother spent so many months there we must of power leveled half of our realm in deadmines…still to this day i still go back to reminisce on the old days of vanilla…

  10. Leondegrance  4 years ago

    Like so many other longtime WOW players, I’ve had several area’s that were my favorites from each of the expansions; STV & Duskwood in the Northern Kingdom to Darkshore & Tanaris in Kalimdor. From Outlands – Shadowmoon Valley & Zangarmarsh. WoTLK – Howling Fjord & Stormpeaks and finally Twilight Highlands & Hyjal from Cataclysm. To be truly honest all the locations I’ve just mentioned and several others I’m sure I’ve forgotten, what I have enjoyed most about playing WOW, are my fellow players and all the interesting experiences I’ve shared with them while playing World of Warcraft, it’s the reason I suspect most people start playing WOW and stay with it.

  11. Beefystan  4 years ago

    I guess it’s gonna be Hellfire pennisula, the first time I saw it, the feeling of foreign land completely knocked me out.

  12. Joel  4 years ago

    I find Kezan/Lost Isles an amazing starting zone. The fact that it’s new (the time I tried it) meant there were no guides or walkthroughs available. It was back to explore-everything-and-quest — which is what a starting zone should be. I’m in awe with how the quests were designed. Not only did quests use vehicles (which felt awesome for someone just starting out) they were also funny and fun to do. These zones oozed with creativity, arguably unmatched by any starting zone in Azeroth.

    Kezan/Lost Isles clearly revealed the complicated back story of the goblins… a race everyone loves to hate. So if you want to know more of these little green men, why not be one yourself and head on to Kezan? You’ll love it!

    (Thanks for this contest Dugi. It’s a cool idea.)

  13. widleyscuds  4 years ago

    zone/area is hillsbrad because it has the quest where its kinda like plants vs zombie which is called peacebloom vs ghoul i believe its my all time favorite quest next to the quest where you give out quests. My favorite dungeon would be stocks back in BC i think :S had some friends and we would camp it and kill alliance who were try to go to it :{0 hope that dosent make me to much of a bad person

  14. kesilis  4 years ago

    i love the deadmines for getting crafting mats copper,tin,linen,wool

  15. SamDark  4 years ago

    My favorite zone used to be my most hated zone, Stranglethorn Vale.The gank-a-licious zone was the bane of my existence when trying to level my first toon. It was the 1st zone that taught me how to PVP and really learn the mechanics of my character.

  16. Seladrei  4 years ago

    I’m going to say Zul’Farrak.

    It’s the first instance my wife and I ever really did, and we went in there together (just the two of us) without really understanding what instances were. I was an enhancement shaman and she was a hunter. I had never really dealt with elites before. I yelled and charged (RP server) the first trash pack and three seconds later I was a stain on the ground and they were stepping over my corpse to do the same to my wife. She too was dead before “What the hell just happened?” could get out of my mouth. I have never before or since had my ass kicked that hard in a WoW fight I actually thought I was going to win. Ah, the ignorance of youth.

    We did eventually get a group (this was back in the day when that took several hours of spamming General chat in Tanaris), and got to do all the fun (pre-nerf) stuff like summoning Gahr’zilla and dealing with the backstabbing sergeant at the pyramid event.

    ZF has had a special place in my heart ever since.

  17. C.K.  4 years ago

    I must say that as much as I hate the length of Maraudon, I absolutely love the waterfall in there. That alone made it worthwhile for me to visit and garners my vote for favorite dungeon, and I still run the dungeon to this day with my 80s because it’s safe to do so solo. I’ll agree the snow zones are beautiful however, and I will always remember my Christmas in Dun Morogh.

  18. Gary Rezeau  4 years ago

    It’s a tough call, but I will choose Stranglethorn Vale. I like the wide variety of MOB types, caves, the water quests. It’s also the home for the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza every Sunday.

    The topography is challenging and the scenery beautifully done. Also Booty Bay is a unique kind of town with its multilevel layout.

    I have enjoyed this zone both pre and post Cataclysm.

  19. Shiftcaster  4 years ago

    I actually would have to say my favorite zone is Gilneas do to the epic story line, nice use of phasing, and growth of an even greater disrespect for the Forsaken (for those who follow the lore) but to keep it expansionless friendly, my second favorite zone is thousand needles. It shows how the cataclysm effected both sides and forces us to work together against random other threats in the area. Being a follower of Thrall, I love how, while not even in the actual cataclysm areas, we still have to work together to get stuff done… plus you get your own boat!

  20. Andrew  4 years ago

    I love the Winterspring area, lol manly cuz I love the snow and also the quest chains through here are pretty interesting

  21. John  4 years ago

    My favorite zone would have to be Dun Morogh. not because of the quests. but because i love playing in the mountains scenery that the area provides. it reminds me a lot of my hometown and the beautiful winters there. and of course ironforge is awesome.

  22. Qaz  4 years ago

    My favorite zone still to date is Zangarmarsh. It has such a other worldy feel to it. The first time I ran into the zone I really had one of those stop and look around moments and was so amazed at how different the feel of that zone is. I still love to go back here to show people how cool a area to play in can be.

    There are many that are like it, but this one is mine. My favorite zone.

  23. diablo9  4 years ago

    the zone I love most is Goldshire, simply because it’s peaceful and reminds me of the village of Hobbits in Lord of the Rings.

  24. Jenny  4 years ago

    Stranglethorn Vale, jungle jungle and even more jungle, I love warm zones especially tropic ones, add pirates(boo), large wildlife(lions and tigers and bears, oh my), and Hemet Nesingwary’s chain quests, intense but great.

    The best dungeon could be Old Stratholme and Old Hillsbrad. They taught me about the lore of WoW.

  25. Vinbiggs  4 years ago

    stranglethorn vale. This was the first zone that Horde and Allies were tossed together with almost full abilities…. the amount of PvP and grave runs almost past the amount of time spent questing. It was my first taste of Allie blood, and I have not grown tired of it yet.


  26. Sephafael  4 years ago

    My favorite zone is the whole of stranglethorn vale. Man there’s so much things to do here, to infilltating the Kurzen’s Compound in Alliance or stalking the Ruins of Zul’Kunda in Horde and then Nestingway’s Hunting questlines. There’s also the Gurubashi Arena which is one of the 1st outdoor arena beside those in the cities. The later added fishing contest also add more life to this wonderful zone with the high end level characters fishing along after the expansions came out This zone used to be the lvl 31 to 41 leveling zone and there so much content that Blizzard split it into 2 in Cata. Man those are great days.

  27. Celestin  4 years ago

    My personal favorite place(s), are the Azuremyst/Bloodmyst Isles I just love everything about that place, for example the “Red Snapper, Very Tasty” quest, I laughed my A** off the first time I saw the name, because I remembered it from a machinima by Oxhorn I saw. And the landscape is just amazing, it’s beautiful, organized, and a very compact zone to easily go from 1-20. And besides, who doesn’t like not having to wait for your food to heal you when you have a no cost racial heal right? lol Go Draenei! No matter what side I’m on, and no matter where else I go, there is nothing like being close to your initial starting point, when you get your first mount. Too bad we can’t fly out there yet, lol

    And Favorite Dungeon… well, to be more accurate, “Instance” is the Molten Core, I’ve gone through there so many times, and have lead so many raids through there That I have Ragnaros’ voice permanantly engraved in my mind, lol, and It’s where you can get your teir 1, I’m a softy for vanilla wow look, what can I say

    That’s this humble gamer’s opinion, to those who don’t have BC, I’m sorry, but go get it, I’m sure you’ll love it, lol

  28. David Scott  4 years ago

    (Why is this message showing my name while my forum posts show my alias? Could someone please look into that?)

    Ok… my current favorite zone would have to be Western Plaguelands; first, because I love the long battles over Andorhal, including the shift from fighting Scourge to fighting Alliance (including big NPC cameos), and second, for the funniest new NPC ever: Zen’Kiki the hapless Troll Druid. Best! NPC! Ever!

    As for dungeons, I don’t generally do too many instances, but of the ones that I have done, I suppose I’d have to go with Shadowfang Keep. It’s nice and compact, there are plenty of good lore moments with the new Worgen occupants, and it feels like a nicely planned building where you really do explore every nook and cranny. Very nicely done! A close second would be Stockades, simply because they took an infamously popular world NPC and made him into a dungeon boss. Stockades is Hoggertown!

    Dugi Reply:

    Hi David, go to http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/wp-admin/ and change it in your profile setting.

  29. Velazarius  4 years ago

    My favorite zone has to be Un’Goro Crater. I love the coloration and the dynamic quest lines in that zone. I also have my favorite pet from in there and it took me over an hour to train the “stinker” with the help of one of my 80s guildies. As sick as that sounds, it was a great moment I always remember!

  30. Mosiaz  4 years ago

    My favorite instance is Scarlet Monastery, i felt like i ran through that over and over so many times it felt like there were no surprises to me ever, and overall i think its one of the most enjoyable instances to go through
    *fingers crossed hoping i win, really need this guied*

  31. Stello  4 years ago

    I think Nagrand is one of the most beautiful as is Vash’jir. I could hang there most any day…!

  32. Chris Filsinger  4 years ago

    I like Hillsbrad because of the PvP possibilities and the quests are clumped together

  33. Daved Terrell  4 years ago

    Well for me it really matter which toon I am on as I have a favourite for each class, race and faction combination. That’s what so great about WoW it is so varied and complex. I have at times just wandered to seethe amazing scenary at diferent times of day…but for an across the board pleaser you can’t beat Westfall and the climaxic Deadmines. I just completed Heoric Deadmines on my 85 lock and it gave a huge appreciation for just how much fun the the original was….

  34. Pete Deatherage  4 years ago

    Feralas. There are some really beautiful places there. I renumber the first time I hit that zone, I just ran around looking at everything.

  35. Justin  4 years ago

    For the dungeon my favorite would have to be Shadowfang Keep because the storyline based in the Instance is very elaborate and the trash packs as well as the bosses are tuned perfectly to keep you on your toes at low level and high level.

    My favorite zone is Ashenvale, I mean the Kodo storyline by itself is amazing and just the lore located all around the zone is just amazing and it gives you a very good leveling experience.

  36. eric  4 years ago

    my favorite 1-60 dungeon is scarlet monastery since SM was one of the biggest and coolest dungeons which everyone veteran or beginner must know. Also since mainly even with the whole new changes to the questline and npc adds SM still hasn’t lost its coolness though it does not react to the the corrupt ashbringer anymore it would be nice to know you could control the scarlet crusade i mean think about it 100s of paladins bubbleing you while 100s more heal you unstopabble pwnage. R.I.P good old days.

  37. Chris  4 years ago

    Although I “grew up” with wow since its debut as alliance I thought Id give some love to the horde since I started to play them with the release of Cataclysm. I absolutely think that the goblin starting area is amazing. The quests are varied, interesting and fun. Who wouldn’t love to drive around listening to some tunes with your crew and what a twist of fate! It tied in very well with the world events and everything flowed so well you felt as if there was always a playable goblin race. Really well done.

  38. moondoggie  4 years ago

    I love Deadmines. It where I first learned HOW to play my part as a team in WOW.

  39. Lucifire  4 years ago

    Eversong woods is one of the special places that i can feel that it holds alot of auras to it, from the peacful views yet the music can give you a mixed feeling that this place could witness something far sinister, the fact that as you walk from eversong woods in to silvermoon city you can get a feeling of glory as a bloodelf…yet the sound track gives you a feeling of betryal within that race as well.

  40. Mokenuf  4 years ago

    The zone I loved the most was Stonetalon Mountains, the epic story there in where you start from a low rank peon to a high warlord and then help the Druids at Cliffwalker Post fighting with Krom’Gar winning and then Garrosh executes him, the things that Garros tells him are just epic.

    Loving the guide so far ! Keep it up !

  41. Benji  4 years ago

    I enjoyed Silithus a lot because almost everithing over there remind me to the Zergs :D
    Anyway I think Durotar (specially Sen´jin Village) was my favourite lvl 1-60 zone. That´s where I really felt I was part of something extremelly big.

  42. Nubrinn  4 years ago

    I’ll have to say my favorite dungeon has to be The Deadmines….Back when I started playing WoW it was my first experience in a dungeon….We put together a group of people I worked with and it was a blast talking over Skype and killing the bosses….that experience got me hooked on the game

  43. Wil  4 years ago

    Hmmm… Favorite zone would be silverpine forest. I love werewolves. Favorite dungeon is Scholomance. I love pullin that big room full of mobs!!

  44. Jordan Humberto de Souza  4 years ago

    My favorite zone is Eastern Plaguelands. I love the “i’m a crusader” chain quests there is so funny with that npc group. I was like flashing fast to complete quests and the rewards are as great as the lore. Also love the Razormane dungeon, it is so straighforward, not a boring random dungeon with “where should i go” quests.

    I hope i win!!! =DDD

  45. Maxiless  4 years ago

    My Fav Instance would Be Classic Deadmines, When i First Did this instance on my warlock only lvl 15 back when wow first came out we had the most amazing bug happen my friend at the time was a lvl 60 pally and he was taking me through when we got to the boat area to their surprise the in tire boat aggroed on me and wipes us still to this day we dont know how this was possible and when i help other i wait to see if it happens again.

  46. Rumplstilkin  4 years ago

    Hey Dugi! What a great idea for a new product launch! I really like the Westfall area because of the new story line and totally new npcs. The way we get to investigate the crime of poor old blanchy and family following it to the conclusion in the dungon. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for the new release!

  47. Wesley Brooks  4 years ago

    I have had so much fun in so many places in World of Warcraft, but I would say that for a zone I really enjoy the Dead Mines most. It’s such a well crafted dungeon with many interesting challenges on the way and then the big reveal at the end, just great. I always look forward to Westfall as it leads me to the Deadmines, and of course a Westfall chicken.

  48. nanran  4 years ago

    my favorite dungeon was stratholme ive always had a atachment to killinging undead so ive always liked this dungeon and the lore with balnazar and they have definitley made it quite lore heavy in the expansion as well.

  49. gardibolt  4 years ago

    My favorite zone is Un’Goro Crater. It’s just incredibly varied, and who doesn’t like the thrill of suddenly being devoured by a dinosaur? There’s plenty of foreshadowing here as well, with the crystal theme suggesting the importance of those items in the Burning Crusade expansion, and the first hints of the bug wars to come over in Silithus. It’s just very fun and all over the place thematically, with never a dull moment. It’s almost sad to run out of quests there and have to move on.

  50. Christopher Heinze  4 years ago

    My favorite zone is Westfall. not too sure why, I just enjoy that kind of place.

    My favorite dungeon is Blackrock Depths, because I spent so much time going back to that dungeon in the past, and still do.