Dugi Guides™ » Dugi Guides Addon http://www.ultimatewowguide.com WoW Leveling Guides, Dailies, Events, Profession, Loremaster, Achievement, Dungeon Guides Mist of Pandaria Tue, 08 Apr 2014 08:50:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.8.2 Preview – NPC Journal Featurehttp://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/preview-npc-journal-feature/7357/ http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/preview-npc-journal-feature/7357/#comments Sun, 09 Mar 2014 08:22:59 +0000 http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/?p=7357 I’m excited to share with you a sneak peak of our brand new feature for Dugi In-Game Guides that we like to call the NPC Journal.

Our original goal is to be able to provide players with quick tips on how to fight Dungeon or Raid Bosses for each role (DPS, Heal, Tank). With this feature you don’t have to worry about jumping into a new Raid or Dungeon with other players as you can instantly look up tips without alt-tabbing to find information on a website.

This feature will be useful to instantly look up information or a guide for these specific NPCs

  • Rare Elites
  • Dungeon Bosses
  • Raid Bosses
  • World Bosses

And we thought it is also a good idea to expand this feature for…

  • Battle Pets (Companions)
  • Mounts

You can load the NPC Journal by targeting the NPC / Pets / Mounts, then a special button will appear on your screen. Clicking the button will instantly load information about the targeted NPC.


In this example the NPC Journal display information about a rare NPC in Pandaria,  this is really handy when you come across a Rare elite that can be very deadly if you don’t know what you’re up against. And it will continue to be very useful for the next expansion (Warlords of Draenor) as new tougher Rare Elite emerges.


You can look up their abilities and also notable loot.


Please note that nothing you see here is final as there are still a lot of work to be done. We also have plans to add a green button in the text area that you can click on it to load a waypoint. We can use this to create a detailed written style guides for the Battle Pets and Mounts.

We are planning to release this latest feature as soon as we can and since it will be an optional module there will be small fee for those that want to have it. It won’t be free for loyalty members since this is not an update on existing products.

We haven’t decided on the price yet. But as always, we aim to provide extremely good value and we will offer some early bird discount.

Ok I hope you will like this new feature and look forward to it. Don’t hesitate to post your thoughts or suggestions in the comment section below.

Stay tuned to our newsletters or blog for more info later.


]]> http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/preview-npc-journal-feature/7357/feed/ 16 New User Interface Updatehttp://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/new-user-interface-update/7168/ http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/new-user-interface-update/7168/#comments Mon, 11 Nov 2013 04:48:31 +0000 http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/?p=7168 Critical issues fixed and the new UI update is now available with the latest update (6.703)



In this latest update we rebuilt the large frame window to a brand new setup. Our goal is to make guide selection and viewing easier while improving the overall look.

List of changes:

Wider Large Frame

  • For visual and functionality reason we made the large frame wider. The side guide selection tabs and bottom left corner tabs was removed to get a clean square window.

New Home Tab

  • On the top left corner there is a “Home” tab which will display all the available guide types on the left hand sides.

Improved Suggest Guides button

  • Available in the Home tab, the new suggest button will now suggest more guides from Dailies, Events, Professions depending on your character’s level, reputation, current events based on the in-game calendar. This feature is not 100% finished and will be improved to suggest more guides with upcoming updates.

Improved Search Guide 

  • Search Guide now available as default in the home tab and will display the result in the right hand side of the home tab. Type your subject to begin the guide search.

Improved Current Guide tab

  • Current guide tab now display the guide type selection on the left hand side to make it easier to switch or browse different guides.

Settings Tab Changes

  • The setting tab is available as a gear icon button to the right of current guide tab.

Record Tab Changes

  • The record tab has been removed for now as it was not very popular among users. You can access it again later by using the command /dgr  (not working yet)

 Special Note: The new default border is ElvUI , you can change the borders back to the old style by going to the Settings > Borders options.

Ok that is it! (for now..)

I hope you enjoy the new UI and I look forward to hear your feedback.


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Quick Start Guide and Dugi Skype Accounthttp://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/quick-start-guide-and-dugi-skype-account/6942/ http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/quick-start-guide-and-dugi-skype-account/6942/#comments Wed, 28 Aug 2013 23:51:13 +0000 http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/?p=6942 If you’re a new users you will need to watch this brand new video covering the most important aspect of Dugi Guides addon that will help you level faster.

This is a 5 minutes video that will show you all you need to know without going into too much unnecessary detail. We still have the in-depth tutorials in our videos section.

We are also committed to help our users install the guide, get started or resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

skype-(1)Which is why I would like to introduce Skype as part of our Tech Support tool.

You can now contact us live on Skype by adding us to your contact or send a message to our Skype account: DugiGuides 

We hope to use Skype to assist with any urgent matters otherwise  please continue to use our forum or ticket support.

http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/quick-start-guide-and-dugi-skype-account/6942/feed/ 8
Dugi Gear Advisor (Beta)http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/dugi-gear-advisor-beta/6785/ http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/dugi-gear-advisor-beta/6785/#comments Wed, 15 May 2013 06:08:06 +0000 http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/?p=6785 I’m excited to announce that new Gear Advisor feature is now available with the latest update of Dugi Guides. This is a free update for ALL Dugi Guides users.

The Gear Advisor feature offers:

  • Automated gear suggestion based on your class, level and spec.
  • Advanced weight calculation to ensure you equip the best set for DPS, Tanking or Healing
  • Quest rewards suggestion to help you pick the best gear for your class & active spec
  • Easy one click gear switching by using Dugi Smart Set in your equipment manager
  • Upgrade value comparison displayed in tooltip.

This is called a beta release because we’re not 100% finish with it but the core feature is ready for you to use and test. We’re still working on adding more customization options and also support for PVP set after 5.3 is released.

Once it is all complete we will offer more support and release a detailed instructional video on how the feature works and how you can customize it to your advantage.

I will look forward to hearing  any of your feedback in the comment section below.





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New Display Options (Multistep Mode)http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/new-display-options-multistep-mode/6567/ http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/new-display-options-multistep-mode/6567/#comments Sun, 06 Jan 2013 04:42:23 +0000 http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/?p=6567

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great Christmas and New year.

Recently we released a lot of features for the Dugi addon but we ran out of time to announce it and provide detailed explanations. Some of you might have noticed the new features already if you recently updated and read the change log.

Anyway, check out this new video below which will show you on how to use all the display options in the settings menu, which will also feature the new Multistep Mode. 

To get the new features simply update your addon to the latest version using our installer.

http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/new-display-options-multistep-mode/6567/feed/ 15
New Embed Tooltip Featurehttp://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/new-embed-tooltip-feature/6509/ http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/new-embed-tooltip-feature/6509/#comments Tue, 13 Nov 2012 04:54:44 +0000 http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/?p=6509 Here is another new feature for Dugi Addon that I also think way overdue… which is a new way to display the tooltip for each step permanently in a neat way.

If you don’t like it you can disable this feature off by going to the Dugi Addon > Settings > Tooltip and untick ‘Embeded in Small Frame’.

Build 6.220 – Nov 13th 2012
Dugi Addon

  • New Embeded Tooltip feature – This will emded the tooltip to show permanently inside the border and underneath the current step. Option is available in Dugi Settings > Tooltip (default on)


Floating Small Frame

Floating Small Frame with Embeded Tooltip


Anchored Small Frame

Anchored Small Frame with Embeded Tooltip


I hope you like it!


http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/new-embed-tooltip-feature/6509/feed/ 10
New Icon System (Build 6.200)http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/new-icon-system-build-6-200/6437/ http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/new-icon-system-build-6-200/6437/#comments Tue, 23 Oct 2012 09:02:34 +0000 http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/?p=6437 This latest update is an overhaul of our steps icons to better help users instantly identify their current task and I have to admit it was long overdue :)

  • New steps icons (see help tab)
  • New multi icons for multi tasked steps. eg Killing an NPC to collect item steps will display a combination Kill + Collect icon.
  • All steps icons have been adjusted to reflect their appropriate task.

Here is a quick example of the differences

Before the icons were generic and bland… it didn’t really provide you with much indication of what you’re supposed to be doing.

The cog  and book icon was over used with many of our quest steps.

It should be a lot more detailed like this..

Now each icon is matched with the task to instantly describe what you should be doing for each step.
  The cog icon suggest a general task that will cover steps that doesn’t involve any combat, looting or speaking to any NPC.
 The spear icon is a Kill task and it is used when a step only require killing an npc to complete.
 The bag icon is a Collect or Looting task  and it is used when a step only require collecting an item to complete.
 The chat icon is a Speaking task and it is used when a step only require speaking to an NPC to complete.


To make it more detailed we also added extra icons for steps that involve multiple task  eg.


 This is a Kill and Collect icon, eg  for the quest ‘Rummaging Through the Remains‘ above involve killing an NPC and collecting an item from the corpse to complete the quest.
 This is a Kill and General task icon which is usually for task that involve using an item to complete.
 This is for a step that involve Speaking and Killing or combat. 
 For steps that involve using a vehicle or mount.
 For steps that require Speaking then using a Vehicle.
 This step is used when you need to accept one or several Random Daily quest(s) from the NPCs in the area. It will require a manual tick after you accept the quest(s).
 The book icon will remain to be used for ‘As you go..‘ step and also special notes that will likely require manual ticking for to continue.


All right I hope you find our new icon system straight forward and easy to identify, our goal to always improve the guides and addon in anyway we can.


http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/new-icon-system-build-6-200/6437/feed/ 39
Extra Tracking Featurehttp://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/extra-tracking-feature/6404/ http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/extra-tracking-feature/6404/#comments Tue, 16 Oct 2012 05:11:15 +0000 http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/?p=6404

The extra tracking feature will provide additional World Map tracking for Achievements, Rare Creatures and Battle Pets. Now you can complete your achievements as you quest and hunt for those rare creatures for extra experience and loot. The Battle Pet tracking will make leveling your pets and hunting easier than ever before.

http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/extra-tracking-feature/6404/feed/ 36
Dugi Guides Features During Cataclysmhttp://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/dugi-guides-features-during-cataclysm/6313/ http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/dugi-guides-features-during-cataclysm/6313/#comments Fri, 21 Sep 2012 19:58:13 +0000 http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/2012/09/dugi-guides-features-during-cataclysm/

Dugi Guides Features

  • 100% Automated System100% Automated System
    The standard features alone will allow you to breeze through each zone in World of Warcraft.
    Automatic Step Completion
    Quest History Tracking
    Easy Guide Selection System
  • 3D Model ViewerModel Viewer
    The model viewer will show you exactly what each NPC or Object look like in 3D.
    Now you will know exactly what you’re looking for before you reach your destination.
    What better description than a 3D image of exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Map PreviewMap Preview
    New and exclusive with Dugi 5.2
    The map preview feature will display a cool HUD style display to instantly show you where to go and highlight the quest area. This feature is easily activated by clicking the quest objective button.
  • Guide Suggest Modedownload now
    With Dugi ‘Guide Suggest Mode’ the addon will instantly suggest the best leveling guide for your character, the Suggest button will instantly sync the guide with your character’s level.
    There are also three different setting to suit every player skill level.
    Easy for Beginners (Slower leveling speed but low risk of death)
    Normal for Regulars (Balanced leveling speed and difficulty)
    Hard for Veterans (Ideal for good players geared with Heirlooms)
  • Multiple Objective TrackingMultiple Objective Tracking
    Dugi Guides easily support multiple quest objective tracking by intergrating pefectly with the built in quest tracking system.
    With this feature you can complete multiple quest at the same time and not be limited to what the current step suggested by the guide.
  • The ‘Target Button’sign up now
    This powerful feature is a customized macro to target NPC for you to kill or interact for every single quest and also place an Icon above them to help you find them.
    This is a priceless feature that will help you find those pesky hidden NPC or help you compete against other players for killing a monsters in heavily populated servers.
  • The Taxi Systemnewdownload now
    This is a revolutionary feature unique to Dugi Guides, the best way to explain it is by watching the video presentation.The new Taxi System will make our waypoints arrow very dynamic and it will automatically create the fastest route for your character to get to your location from your current position. It will also automatically suggest the use of Hearthstone, Teleport spells, Flight master, Portals, Boats, Zeppelins and more.
    A customized route will be created as if our guide has been tailor made for your character.
  • world of warcraft class iconsTuned for Every Race and Class
    You don’t have worry about the guide not being compatible with your character because Dugi Guides will automatically load the correct questing path for any combination of each race and class. Including the new Monk class and Pandaren race from Mist of Pandaria expansion.
http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/dugi-guides-features-during-cataclysm/6313/feed/ 60
Dugi Update for Patch 5.0.4http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/dugi-update-for-patch-5-0-4/6170/ http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/dugi-update-for-patch-5-0-4/6170/#comments Tue, 28 Aug 2012 23:35:10 +0000 http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/?p=6170 Patch 5.0.4 is now live on US servers and its time for you update your guides.

Dugi 6.000 update

This is a small update to make the addon compatible with Mist of Pandaria patch 5.0.4 as well as some adjustment with leveling guides and profession guides to bring them aligned with the latest changes.

If you don’t know what patch 5.0.4 is about I highly recommend you read the patch 5.0.4 survival guide or watch the video below.

Talent Guides

Out talent guides that comes with the Talented addon has been removed and it is now obselete. For now we won’t be updating the talent guides or offering any alternatives because  (trust me)  you really don’t need them anymore.

Blizzard have updated the talent system that allow you to have interesting choices  to make and they are very well balanced that no talent skill is clearly superior to the other on the same Tier. Once you log in and check out the new talent system you will understand what I mean.

I suggest you go with your gut feeling, and choose a skill that you like the most and have fun with it. You can also change your talent while you play.

Enjoy patch 5.0.4!

http://www.ultimatewowguide.com/blog/dugi-update-for-patch-5-0-4/6170/feed/ 53