200 Cenarion Hatchling Give Away

Click to play the video below for a special message from Dugi

How To Enter To Win A Cenarion Hatchling Pet

On the comment section below please enter

1. Your active ultimatewowguide.com account name
2. Your character region (US or EU)

eg. Dugi US

IMPORTANT: We only need to know your account name for ultimatewowguide.com, please don’t post any other personal information.

1. Entries will be closed on Thursday, May 12th and the comment section in this blog will be closed.
2. This pet give away are for active members only, so you must own at least one of our paid guides.
3. One entry per person.
4. All 200 winners will be randomly picked from the entry below and announced on this blog
5. Pet codes will be sent to their registered email on their account make sure you email is up to date in the members area.

Good luck to everybody that enters, if you don’t win I highly recommend you purchase one of these pets from the Blizzard Store and get your pet while donating $10 to the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief efforts.

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  1. CHRIS INGHAM  3 years ago

    Qazmon US

  2. Custom avatarCarlos  3 years ago

    Account: Ajario

    Realm: Warsong

    Server: US

  3. Lewis Tan  3 years ago

    micaa Gorgonnash-US

  4. Custom avatarNick McNamee  3 years ago

    Blood Furnace US

  5. walt  3 years ago

    Username: Choesu
    Character Region: US

  6. Custom avatarMag046  3 years ago

    Mag046 US

  7. Custom avatarSteve  3 years ago


  8. Custom avatarorvalgordon.. us  3 years ago

    love your guides dugy. keep it up

  9. Etienne Kenul  3 years ago

    US – Durotan

  10. Custom avatarDean Drolet  3 years ago

    Ddrolet US

  11. Custom avatarzmanofok  3 years ago

    zmanofok US

  12. Corey Dewey  3 years ago


  13. Custom avatarjos3ph  3 years ago

    Acct. Jos3ph
    Realm. US

  14. Paula Cirulnick  3 years ago


    Wyrmest Accord US

  15. Custom avatarPhyrstorm  3 years ago

    Zul’jin US

  16. Jim Widmer  3 years ago



    Good of you to do, Mr. Farrell, especially considering how bad you guys were hit as well.

  17. Siim Sutrop  3 years ago

    Respect, Dugi!! :)
    That is really nice.

  18. Joe  3 years ago


  19. Tyrantious  3 years ago

    moffettc US

  20. Jeff  3 years ago

    Acct name: xeclipse2

    Winterhoof – US

  21. rockitscience  3 years ago

    emeral dream us

  22. Custom avatarcindy  3 years ago

    Account- sassy US

  23. Custom avatarZiggie  3 years ago


    Mazrigos (Eu)

  24. Custom avatarHenley  3 years ago

    Henley Eu

  25. Custom avatarWyvern62  3 years ago


    Bronzebeard US

  26. Custom avatarJeff  3 years ago

    avastan US

  27. Custom avatarSebastian Sibaja  3 years ago

    username: sibi96
    Emerald Dream (US)

  28. Custom avatarJordan Humberto de Souza  3 years ago

    shjordan US

    i hope i win =3

  29. Brokenspark  3 years ago

    WHat a great idea Dugi you ROCK!

    mok’nathal ~ US

  30. Bryant Ellis  3 years ago

    Wàrdën- Blackrock US

  31. Custom avatarSunreaper  3 years ago

    Arthas – US

  32. Custom avatarManny  3 years ago

    mannyman53 US

  33. Custom avatarChanrith  3 years ago

    Ravenholt – US

  34. Custom avatarBrian Setzer  3 years ago

    Burimlis Earthen Ring Us

  35. Custom avatarIan  3 years ago

    ACC name:darksahde
    Realm: The forgotten coast

    Ian Reply:


  36. David N  3 years ago

    Account Name: worldcitizen

    Character Realm: US

  37. Custom avatarDillon Grossman  3 years ago

    dillon58078 Hateyoface
    Shattered Halls US

  38. Sue Finger  3 years ago

    sue4571 US

  39. Custom avatarJordan Lundeen  3 years ago

    Malfurion US

  40. Custom avatarRicky  3 years ago

    Rickilove (US)

  41. Custom avatarErik  3 years ago

    Aggramar (US)

  42. Velazarius  3 years ago

    Korialstraz US

  43. Kevin Cooper  3 years ago

    I know it doesn’t matter for the contest, but it says the video is private and cannot be watched.

  44. Custom avatarJacob  3 years ago

    Altar of Storms

    Jacob Reply:


  45. Custom avatarKevin Cooper  3 years ago

    Username: coopaloop
    Relm: US

  46. scott cobb  3 years ago

    Courtjester us

  47. Custom avatarFrancisco Valdes Castillo  3 years ago

    franses (EU)

    Francisco Valdes Castillo Reply:

    The video is on “Private mode”. :-]

  48. Custom avatarTrish  3 years ago

    hotohorikakashi US

  49. Custom avatarMelissa Ansell  3 years ago


    Melissa Ansell Reply:

    US (sorry about that..)

    Steady Reply:



  50. Custom avatarKirsten Nielson  3 years ago

    mogelijk US